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How we incorporate Yong Yoga’s brand attributes into their website

Chermaine Chermaine • April 7, 2021
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Case Study: Yong Yoga

A good website encompasses many factors; from interface design to user navigation. But today, we will be focusing on incorporating business branding into the website.

So what is branding? I believe many of us are familiar with the word, but to explain in simple terms, branding is associating something you see and the brand instantly. For example, when you see a logo that has a green mermaid on a cup, you know it’s Starbucks. Or when someone says coffee, you instantly think of Starbucks.

Brand attributes reflect the personality trait of your business. It can be expressed through colours, imagery, fonts, and/or content in your website to create an identity and distinguish yourself from your competitors.

Having a website which encompass your brand attribute shows consumers what they can expect  from you. 

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In this case study, we spoke to Su Hock, the founder and creator of Yong Yoga, about how we helped to infuse their brand attributes into their website. 

An Interview with Yong Yoga

Web Imp: Before we start, can you share with our readers some background of your business?

Yong Yoga: Hi, I am Su Hock, the founder of Yong Yoga. We are a boutique yoga and mindfulness practice which seeks to re-engage our practitioners with traditional Yoga and Qigong practices and their proven results.

Web Imp: What is your business goal or mission?

Yong Yoga: We focus on breathing awareness, use progressive and safe practice which is accessible to all, and conduct our sessions in simple, non-distracting environments both physical and virtual.

We aim to create a joyous and harmonious contemporary life filled with more moments of calm… One Sequence, One Asana (pose), One Mindful Breath at a time.

What you will see when you enter the website

Web Imp: What led you to approach us for assistance?

Yong Yoga: Word of mouth mostly. And also from Wilson’s sharing of his portfolio of clients’ websites which showed a really good creative approach and uniqueness.

Web Imp: What were your requirements/requests for the website?

Yong Yoga: To convey the essence and criticality of breathing in yoga. To showcase an oriental feel to the user experience without detracting from the traditions of yoga.

Web Imp: Did you face any difficulties or challenges while working with us?

Yong Yoga: Not at all. The team is always on hand to discuss the design and creative concept and they are also very helpful during the UAT* testing, implementation process and post go-live. I really appreciate this

*UAT means User Acceptance Testing

Web Imp: What did you like about the website we built?

Yong Yoga: Well, the quality of the website speaks for itself, the design has a predominantly black and white calligraphic feel and the overall spatial layout lends good visual experience for users whom visits the website.

I really love the design done by you guys, really encompass the vision I had in mind.

Web Imp: Thank you Su Hock, for your time! We are glad that you loved the design as much as we did creating it.

Review by Yong Yoga

What did Web Imp do for Yong Yoga?

We interviewed Rain, the Operations Director of Web Imp, who was in-charge of this project.

Web Imp: What challenges did the client have before approaching us?

Rain: The client is starting a new business, so when we are discussing the website, a lot of collaterals and materials needed for the website are not ready. We have to work closely with the client and run the project in parallel.

Web Imp: what solutions were they looking for?

Rain: They were looking to engage a trustworthy vendor to build their website. To Su Hock, design is one of the important factor that he isn’t willing to compromise.

Our Business Director, Wilson showed him our portfolio and he was impressed. To sweeten the deal, we also recommended our e-commerce PSG package to help negate some of the cost, especially when he is just starting up the business.

Web Imp: What challenges did we meet during the development process?

Rain: Wilson had a few meetings with the client and understood what the client needed exactly. Yong Yoga focuses about proper breathing techniques and doing yoga in the nature, so the site has quite a few animations to depict the “one with nature” feeling.

One of the bigger challenges we faced was to develop the animation smoothly without affecting the loading speed of the page. We are glad we managed to pull it off eventually. 

Web Imp: What are the results of our solution? How did the customer benefit from our solution?

Rain: The customer had a website that truly reflected its brand and the calming feeling that he wanted to portray to his customers. We are really happy and proud that we could create something that suits his branding so well.

Su Hock was so happy with the outcome that he invited us for a private yoga session! It was a different experience from what we understood from yoga sessions we have seen out there.

The moves he taught us isn’t too difficult for us as he is well aware that we are all yoga amateurs. Practicing yoga in the nature in the morning is indeed a refreshing experience. Just one tip from us, do bring a yoga mat along! 

Su Hock, the founder of Yong Yoga (left) and our Web Imp staff!

Takeaways from this

With proper brand planning and infusing your brand attributes into your website will help you to reduce marketing cost in the future. With a consistent and clear messaging, it will be easier for consumers to understand your business and convert into your loyal customers. 

Our developers and designers here in Web Imp are eager to help you create and bring your business vision to life through websites which convey your brand.

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