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How Tings Bakery grew their online presence and efficiency with an E-commerce website

Rain Tan Rain Tan • March 1, 2021
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Case Study: Tings Bakery

In this day and age, online presence is one of the key driving factors of a company’s success.

This is a case study on how we helped, Tings Bakery, a local bakery improve their digital presence and their efficiency by developing an e-commerce website for them.

We spoke to Jessie, the owner of Tings Bakery, about her experience with us.

An Interview with Tings Bakery

Web Imp: Before we start, can you share with our readers some background of your business?

Tings Bakery: We are a local bakery that does cake customisation, such as specialised theme cakes and pinata cakes, dessert table services and other pastries.

Our motto, “You dream it, we bake it” is something we want all our customers to know that we can customise the cakes to their desired outcome.

Web Imp: What led you to approach us for assistance?

Tings Bakery: We needed a proper website so that it will be easier for our customers to view our products and order through online instead of having them coming down to the shop and do it manually.

Web Imp: What were your requirements/requests for the website?

Tings Bakery: The main thing is to present our products in a way that customers can find it easier to browse and order from our website.

Web Imp: Did you face any difficulties or challenges while working with us?

Ting Bakery: It was just some minor challenges when I was using the website to upload and makes changes from there.

Web Imp: How did Web Imp overcome those challenges?

Tings Bakery: Asher, Mason and Rain have been very helpful in answering all my queries and managing all the issues I had when I was making changes on the website.

Web Imp: What did you like about the website we built?

Tings Bakery: It is very user-friendly, and the layout is easy for the customers to find what they need.

Web Imp: What are the improvements you saw in your business after having a website?

Tings Bakery: Customers that visit our website can easily see the types of cakes they are looking for and immediately place an order through the website instead of having the drop us a message.

Having this website also helped us tremendously as we could get all the inquiries onto one platform instead of having to respond to all the messages from Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. This saved us a lot of time that we can focus on perfecting the cakes for the customers.

Web Imp: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us! We are glad that we could help! To rephrase your motto, “You dream it, we create it.”

If you are looking for cake customisation, head over to Tings Bakery!

Review by Tings Bakery

What did Web Imp do for Tings Bakery?

We interviewed Rain and Mason, the Operations Director and Project Manager in-charge of this project.

Web Imp: What challenges did the client have before approaching us?

Rain: They had a website built with Wix, which they did it themselves. The site didn’t have e-commerce capability, so the customers wouldn’t be able to check out and make payment online. They also needed the site to display their cakes in a more professional way.

Web Imp: What solutions were they looking for and what solutions did we recommend?

Mason: They were looking for an e-commerce solution to help them sell online.

Rain: Our sales strategist, Asher, patiently explained and educated the client about e-commerce solution and how it would help their business. They took up our recommendation.

Web Imp: What was the process of developing the ecommerce website for them?

The guide the project managers and developers use to keep track of our process.

Rain: When we first spoke to Tings Bakery, they wanted a luxurious feel to the website like how they did with their previous website, but they also didn’t want it too luxurious as they don’t want the customers to think that their cakes are expensive.

From there, we understood the branding direction, and we decided to keep the site clean so that their cakes will strand out against the clean background.

Before on their old website
After we redesigned their new e-commerce website

All the cakes they have are delicate and the cake artists put in a lot of time and effort into each cake. We wanted to show the artist’s skill, so we designed it in a way, when the user hovers over the image, it will zoom in to show the fine details of the cake.

The cakes also come in different flavours and size. Since each cake is bake according to the customer’s choices, the cake artist needs a few days lead time to get the cake completed. So it gets complicated for delivery, Tings Bakery have a hard time managing customer’s expectation on the delivery date.

We suggested to them to have a minimum delivery date. For example, when a customer that checkouts today, the earliest date for delivery is 2 days later. When the development had been completed, we also plan with Tings Bakery on the deployment process.

They had an existing domain and hosting in Wix. Wix charges may look affordable, but it gets expensive very fast with all the add-ons. We offer 1st year free domain and hosting. So we helped Tings Bakery to plan their domain and hosting arrangements and managed for them. 

It was quite a fun experience learning about how Tings Bakery is being run, at the same time we also poured on our own experiences.

Web Imp: What challenges did we meet during the development process and how did we overcome the challenge?

Mason: Overall, the project was still considered smooth, there were a few minor challenges, mainly on the images and alignment issues.

We patiently explain and go through with developers on the needs of clients.

The client has no idea on how to use WordPress back-end, so we provided the content management system and we go through each and individual step on how they are able to upload/amend products or wordings.

Web Imp: How did the customer benefit from the eCommerce website that we created?

Mason: We managed to deliver a user-friendly website with a clean aesthetic to enhance their cakes, as well as an easy navigation for the user to check out when they place an order. Jessie, the owner of Tings Bakery, was very happy with the end result of the website as it helped her reduce time responding to customers’ queries and focus on creating delicious cakes.

Takeaways from this

With a proper e-commerce website, you can utilise the platform to do all the heavy lifting for you! From beautifully designed layout to draw your consumers in, to easy navigations of the page for users to go from products to checkout without you having to lift a single finger.

Here in Web Imp, we have a dedicated team of developers and designers to help you in the quest of gaining an online presence in the best way possible.

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