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10 Best E-commerce Website Designs in Singapore 2022

Lawrence Low Lawrence Low • November 23, 2022
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(Last updated November 2022)

Business owners should know that a good eCommerce web design lies heavily upon attracting potential customers and providing a great user experience.

By evaluating simple things such as the right font, colours, graphics and copywriting, you will be able to present your website to users in the best light.

As of the first quarter of 2022, data reveals the top 10 ecommerce websites in Singapore with the highest monthly traffic (Statista, 2022). This would not have been possible without design considerations playing a major part in their achievement.

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Source: Statista

We will now share some of these top ecommerce sites which are also known for having the best ecommerce website designs in Singapore.

1. Shopee

Shopee was the most visited ecommerce website in 2022 with approximately 14.98 million monthly web visits. Being a leading ecommerce platform in Southeast Asia, it provides an easy, secure and fast online shopping experience.

The design layout that Shopee has taken up is rather simple and provides easy navigation.

Upon entering the site, their ongoing promotion/sale advertisement is displayed clearly via a slider. This allows for users to be aware of the perks they can get instantly which appeals them to stay in the site longer.

Following which, their landing page also displays an overview of all their product offerings and promotions. The search filter function and other navigation tabs are also placed neatly which makes it user-friendly.

In terms of aesthetics, Shopee has kept it minimalistic by utilizing two colors mainly; orange and white. The fonts used are also simple, large and reader-friendly which is a great way to reduce hassle for users.

Unlike other types of sites, the more elements that an ecommerce site carries, the lower are the chances of being able to close a sale. This is such that a study by Google reveals simplicity being a key factor to drive higher conversion rates in ecommerce sites.

Shopee’s web design focus also seems to harness this approach of driving their sales. No doubt; are they one of the leading players in the ecommerce market.

2. Lazada

Next, on the list will be Lazada. Lazada is also another large online store well-known in Southeast Asia. There were approximately 7.18 million monthly web visits in Singapore in the first quarter of 2022.

Lazada adopts a similar design layout to Shopee. It has a simple and clean user interface with minimal distractions and easy navigation links.

The homepage also consists of a slider which displays popular products and promotions which makes it attractive. Since most of their product listings are also against a white backdrop, there is less obstruction as well.

One of the better aspects of Lazada’s web design compared to Shopee is that its the layout of their homepage and how it is kept precinct.

Lazada placed their Flash Sale section above the fold. So when the users enter their website, they will see the current deals. This creates a sense of urgency for the users to make purchase.

Shopee’s homepage is way too extensive and requires users to scroll through for a long period of time. However, Lazada has kept it limited by incorporating a “load more” option for users who wish to explore the homepage further.

Lazada load more option

By listing only the important information in the appropriate navigation links, it removes the need for “endless scrolling” which can affect and increase bounce rates.

This is an area where as an ecommerce site owner, you may want to learn your users’ preference and style of navigation. For a startup especially, such layout choices are essential to ensure a smooth customer journey.

3. Qoo10

Qoo10 is yet another popular online shopping store based in Singapore. Similar features that it holds to the rest are its simple and clean user interface.

Following Shopee and Lazada, Qoo10’s web design is not one that involves incorporating many colors. However, it focuses on bringing users to the right navigation links with the appropriate call-to-action buttons.

Under their category tab, all their product offerings are segregated neatly. There are columns for electronics, beauty essentials and even children items. This allows for users to search for what they need in ease.

It is also good to see that Qoo10 has incorporated a website footer. A website footer signals to the user that they have reached the end of the webpage, and provides useful links to other areas of the site.

This will be an efficient practice for users to find information and can positively impact your bounce rate.

4. Mayer Singapore

Mayer is one of Singapore’s leading distributors for quality home and kitchen appliances. Its ecommerce site is no less than the other sites in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

The website design of this platform is minimalistic and kept clean. Large, vibrant images of the products are displayed vividly in the form of different banners.

Mayer’s homepage also consists of “New Products” and “Featured Products” displayed prominently to visitors. This makes it simple for users to get a quick glance of their latest offerings via their homepage, without the need to search for it through different navigation links. They also added “Add to Cart” for users to easily cart out the product.

Moreover, the link to customer ratings and reviews from the “Featured Products” tab is also useful to drive more conversion to a site.

5. Courts Singapore

Courts has long been one of Singapore’s go-to destinations for consumer electronics and furniture items. Its ecommerce website also equally never fails to match the standards that they have provided to their visitors till today.

Courts has a rather clean ecommerce site to begin with. In fact, it has thought in the shoes of a visitor well enough during the design process.

To start off, the site has one of the best drop-down menus from other ecommerce sites.

Courts ecommerce website design

On top of listing their products via categories, they have also featured the brands involved in each product type. For customers who are purchasing items with a specific brand in mind, they can easily hover through the product catalogue to make their checks.

Another interesting aspect of the drop-down menu is that there are various article links posted in each product category.

By providing such useful information in their site, the chances of users visiting their site and browsing for content is much higher than the rest.

Another great aspect of this site is that they have a separate navigation tab called “HOT DEALS” highlighted in red. This instantly can attract visitors and automatically engage them to click on that tab. They can then easily browse for sales in a single page instead of having to find the promotional items in different tabs.

This is definitely a useful customer experience tip to consider as an ecommerce website owner as it can largely save time taken for your customers and yourself.

6. Zalora

Next up, we have Zalora Group. Zalora is one of Asia’s leading online fashion, beauty and lifestyle destinations. With over 30,000 products online and over 400 brands to manage, it is crucial for them to have one of the best designed ecommerce sites.

Compared to some other sites, Zalora has an obvious call-to-action. Upon entering the site, an advertisement pops up where visitors can receive an e-voucher by subscribing via their email addresses.

For retail e-commerce, this feature is the most common and popular worldwide. In addition to providing a great user experience, it can easily influence a customer’s purchase intention to bring in more sales to the business.

Zalora’s webpage is also structured in a user-friendly manner. By having a simple theme, detailed search functions, clear ongoing promotions as well as neatly categorised tabs to browse upon, there are certainly no complaints to be made in the user journey.

Our favourite aspect of Zalora’s web design, however, would be the easy-to-navigate purchase process. They have a simple 4-step purchase process; product search, adding to cart, checking out and choosing the suitable payment option.

Simplifying the purchase process as much as possible is a trick to converting your visitors into customers. It saves their time from unnecessarily staying too long on checkout and brings more satisfaction as a customer.

Finally, their auto zoom-in function when a user hovers around the different product images just adds more value to their user experience. It is always important to ensure that your product images are of high quality, clear and focused as much as possible.

7. Castlery

Castlery is also one of the best designed ecommerce sites in Singapore that is known for selling home furniture and fittings.

The highlight of this site is definitely the exceptional display of their product offerings in their homepage. High quality product images and clear navigation links are used for users to browse through the site more efficiently.

The “Shop The Look” engages the users by providing home decor inspirations, increasing the chance of selling more than just a product at a time.

Furthermore, all pricing information is listed clearly in the homepage as well. This allows for customers to be guided through the sales funnel quickly and easily.

8. Love, Bonito

Love, Bonito is one of the most successful brands in Singapore.

As the number of ecommerce sites in Singapore selling fashion is vast, this site is a great example on how it can reach its audience well with its professional looking aesthetics.

The choice of a fancy font style and elegant design layout plays a great part in keeping this site looking classy. High-quality images and appropriate call-to-action buttons are also placed accordingly such as in the slider above.

Another interesting aspect of Love, Bonito is the way they display their products. Users can easily look at the products without effort.

Keeping your content scannable is very important for such ecommerce sites. As visuals appeal more to potential customers, it is necessary to ensure that no lengthy description is used.

9. Sephora

Popularly known to be a female’s shopping paradise, Sephora’s ecommerce site is undoubtedly one of the best ecommerce design inspirations.

The famous black and white striped theme that they have has immersed well with users today. The themed color palette and minimalist design layout is a constant reminder to many users of its brand story as well.

Similar to the other sites, this ecommerce site also has clear navigation links and search functions. However, a distinguishing factor is that this site has incorporated personalised recommendations and feature posts/reviews in their homepage.

As seen above, a great way to build trust to your website is by displaying social proof.

When potential customers are able to see positive testimonials/reviews from other users, your site will automatically become more trustworthy to them. This will in turn retain both your existing customers and attract potential customers.

In addition, having user-generated content posted on your site is a useful way to engage with your consumers directly as well. They will feel appreciated and other users who want their content to be published as well will work towards engaging with your brand.

Lastly, Sephora’s ecommerce site also consists of a chatbot. Chatbots are essential in web design work today as more users prefer to get answers to their queries 24/7.

It also allows for more interaction by having a virtual assistant to assist customer needs; be it repeated or a long list of queries. Overall, excellent customer experience.

10. Carousell

Carousell, which started as a mobile-first platform is also a leading player in the ecommerce marketplace. It is one of the best platforms where buy-and-sell arrangements can be made in a breeze as it does not necessarily involve monetary transactions between individuals.

As most users browse Carousell through their mobile devices, this site is known to have one of the best ecommerce mobile application designs as well.

In fact, both its web site and mobile application match to function similarly, which is important for all ecommerce owners. This hence turns it into a responsive website overall.

Similar to Courts’ ecommerce site, Carousell also maintains a user-friendly webpage.

Other than the normal navigation links and search functions, there is a separate layout called “What would you like to find?”. This layout distinctly categories the products that are being sold on the platform.

Each category of products and services is also illustrated via colourful icons which makes it a more interactive site for users.

The use of icons can easily break down language barriers and sum up the idea of the message in a more visual way. It is also far more memorable for users and can reinforce the content more easily.

It is hence encouraged that ecommerce site owners utilise such features to make it more appealing to users.

Bonus Example of Great Ecommerce Web Designs in Singapore (by Web Imp)

To add to the above, we would also like to share some more ecommerce website examples of custom ecommerce web designs done by us that we are truly proud of.


Citrusox is a socks, stockings and legging wear online store based in Singapore.

Being in the competitive environment, they needed a new way to showcase their huge variety of socks and product offerings. Their goal was to increase online visibility and generate more online revenue.

Web Imp was then able to step in to create a responsive website that was easy to navigate, has user-friendly functionality and an easy to manage backend for their large number of stock-keeping units.

The web design was also focused to ensure that it amplifies the strength of the company well.

With quality product images and detailed description of their offerings, this site has managed to perform well and better than its competitors gradually.


Overall, giving importance to your ecommerce website design is always necessary in today’s context.

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Whether a site is being built from scratch or is being updated, here are 7 ecommerce website design best practices that summarises the above learning points which you can consider when designing your ecommerce website.

  1. Simplicity is key
  2. Evaluate in the shoes of a website visitor
  3. Use only high-quality personal images
  4. Maintain scannable content pages
  5. Adopt the use of social proof
  6. Simplify your checkout process
  7. Ensure responsiveness and easy navigation at all times

With the knowledge of the above, you will be able to successfully operate an ecommerce website that caters best to your business needs.

We understand that designing an ecommerce website is not easy and can be complicated. You don’t need expensive, custom developed websites like the above, to have a successful ecommerce business. There are incredible ecommerce websites that use popular CMSs like WooCommerce and Shopify.

Talk to our digital strategists if you need to design an eCommerce website, or if you need to revamp your current online shopping website.

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