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How we help Exotic Office Solutions increase revenue by designing a highly converting website 

Chermaine Chermaine • June 28, 2022
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Digital marketing is vital when it comes to promoting businesses nowadays. Every consumer is browsing through websites, social medias, and search engines to get what they want, and if your digital presence is low, chances are you will lose these customers to your competitors. 

But before you invest your dollars and cents into driving online traffic, you have to ensure that your website has the design fundamentals to optimise conversion rate. Conversion rate optimisation is a process of increasing the percentage of visitors to complete your website’s goal. E.g. To leave an enquiry. 

In this Case Study, we spoke to Jaden, the owner of Exotic Office Solutions, to find out how the website built by our team has helped him increase his ROI on the digital marketing campaigns he run. 

Web Imp: Hi Jaden, thank you for taking the time to chat with us. Can you give us an introduction of your business?

Jaden: Exotic Office Solutions was established back in 2013. Our core business is the sales of photocopier and maintenance of the machine for clients. So we carry the few major brands such as Fujitsu, now known as FujiFilm, Canon and Ricoh. These three brands are actually the top few brands in the whole of Asia Pacific. We also carry a few brands for plotter such as Canon, HP, and Epson.

On top of that, we deal with commercial computers for those reputable brands, such as Dell, Lenovo and HP. We also do NAS storage solution, which is Synology. From time to time, if we have clients who are more inclined towards cloud storage, we recommend them to you guys for Dropbox under PSG

In conclusion, the main objective of our business is to provide a well-rounded office solution. Whatever you need for your office, we have it.

Web Imp: Prior to the website that we created for you, does your company have an existing website? If yes, what is the reason you want to revamp? 

Jaden: We did, but I wouldn’t say it’s very professionally done because I did it on my own. We did it to sell the copiers. That’s all.

We did social media marketing on the website that I DIY, but the results weren’t fantastic. There were traffic, but no conversion. I guess first impression counts, just like, when you go for a matchmaking. You got to dress well, smell good in order to make a good impression. That is when we realised the need to revamp our website. 

We did get several quotations from other companies, but I felt that there was synergy when we spoke to Wilson. During the initial meeting, we had a full understanding of what Web Imp is doing and the past projects they did. So, we decided to go through our digital transformation with Web Imp and engaged you guys to do our website.

Web Imp: Before we started building the website for you, was there any special requirements that you requested?

Jaden: We have a few requirements, and we’ve highlighted to your team. They have been really patient going through all the requirements that we had, and even provided new suggestions with their vast experience in the field. 

Web Imp: Can you elaborate about the requirement that you wanted?

Jaden: *laughs* I can’t really remember because it’s been quite a while already. I would say that I did review some of my competitors’ websites, and then from there, I picked a few things that I liked about their website and get your team to revise on it.

Ultimately, we want our website to look professional and clean because we are mainly serving corporate clients. These were the requirements I spoke to your team about.

Web Imp: During the period when you were working with us, did you face any difficulties or challenges?

Jaden: At certain point of the project, there were a few delays, but it was rectified quickly by the team and Wilson. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be talking to you right now. *laughs*

Web Imp: I’m glad that you are happy with the website we build for you. But specifically, can you tell me which part of the website you were most satisfied?

Jaden: Honestly, everything. I’m really thankful and satisfied with how the website look and feel, exactly to what I’ve envisioned in mind. 

Web Imp: You mentioned you decided to revamp your website for better optimisation. So, with the current website, did it improve your conversion?

Jaden: This is when I looked into social media marketing, because I am someone who doesn’t like to always just rely on agency to settle it for me, so I went for a short course to increase my understanding on digital marketing. 

I tried running the advertisements on my own after the course, but I realised I couldn’t solely focus on this as I have other responsibilities. So eventually I engaged an agency to help me drive traffic to my website. It seems like everything is going well, the leads are coming in constantly. I’ve engaged them for approximately two to three months now, and within that time period I did see an increase in conversion on my website. They helped me rank my keywords for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) as well as social media marketing.

With that said, the website Web Imp created helped play a part as well. Because like I told you before, it’s like matchmaking. Digital marketing helps to drive traffic, but the web design creates the first impression which eventually leads to a higher conversion rate. 

When I wanted to digitalise my business, the first thing that came to my mind was a website, because it the first impression that strangers look at us. Of course, our reviews play a part as well.

I’ve been in this industry for over 10 years, and I’ve seen my competitors’ websites and their websites are very simplified. They are selling photocopiers and that’s it. But from my website, there is an introduction about us, the products and services we provide, a shop page, and most importantly the support page which is very helpful to many of my clients. We could also add in the testimonials from our clients to add credibility to our services. So, all these are really important and helps a lot. 

Web Imp: I see, I’m glad to see that your business has improved through digital marketing and the website we built for you! We always want our clients to have success whenever they engage us. Thank you so much for your time today! 


There are plenty of free website builders out there in the market to help you start your online business. However, these website builders do not help you to optimise your website to increase conversion. They are simply there to provide you a platform. If you are curious on how we can help you optimise your website, we have a dedicated team to look through your website, and help increase your website performance. We also partnered with a digital marketing team to provide you a holistic solution. 

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