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5 Badly Designed Websites in Singapore

Khairul Khairul • April 7, 2016

badly design websites

We know that there are still badly Designed Websites, but….how bad is bad?

If you thought the days of flashy website design, endless scrolling, ugly heading fonts and large chunks of headache-causing texts are over, you’re mostly right.

Note the mostly. You will still find some gem of a website crop up now and again on the Singapore cyberspace. They cause visitors to call out on one or more of the following pain points.


It hurts my head!

Star Zest

The Offender: http://www.starzesttuitionagency.com.sg/index.php

Many things that can go wrong with website design are present on this page. The colours are so terrible they could give you a headache, especially if you were staying up nights looking for a home tutor for your child.

Badly website design.

The black text on the yellow background is an eyesore. The yellow shadow is worse. When taken together with the grainy pictures of kids, the entire effect is quite shady.

Another problem is that the text is spilling out of the text box. To add to that, when you scroll down you will find a chunk of text that looks like it’s about to spill off the page.

All of this is the result of poor formatting. The formatting looks like a set of ill-fitting clothes, and we all know you need to be smartly dressed if you want to make a good impression at a job interview!

Oh yes, choosing a correct color scheme is also super important when it comes to website design.


The loading and scrolling are endless!

steven lim

The Offender: http://stevenlim.net/models2.htm

Haha, our local “Super Star”.

The example above represents everything that you could do wrong with your website. The scrolling is endless. The fonts are flashy and use terribly bright text highlights. Too many images and videos on one page means that the page takes ages to load. It is not likely to open well on a mobile browser.

Probably one of the most horrible website design I came across so far.

When designing your website, you need to keep in mind that people will be trying to access it with various internet speeds. They may leave if your page takes too long to load. Cramming your page with bandwidth-heavy items like in the example above is the worst mistake you could make.

Thankfully such pages are rare in Singapore. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Don’t let yours be one of the lot!


Er….I’ve seen that before on another site!

Piano Lessons singapore

The Offender: http://www.pianolessons-singapore.com/

Poorly designed website.

Those who created the website above were not trying to be fresh and unique. After all, why do you need custom design when there are so many stock templates around? It looks exactly like a million other sites that you’d have found online a decade ago. Stock photo, check. Old-fashioned site menu bullets check. Awkwardly shaped form tacked on at the end, check. It’s a blessing the colours aren’t flashy too.

Some website designers will say that there is nothing wrong with using templates – and there really isn’t. There are many companies that do use them. But when you want people to do business with you, you need them to see what makes you different from others. If you look around the web, you will probably find a dozen or more other websites that look exactly like yours.

One of the simplest changes that can be made in the example above is to change the picture from a generic one to a personal one that speaks more to customers. Think about it. Your website is the face of your company. You shouldn’t blow the chance to use it for a good first impression.

The spaces at both sides…..for who? Why waste that space? OMG, they could have so much use for it. Promotions, subscribe boxes, other article, client’s testimonials, so much more!

Is that ClipArt?


The Offender: Edupoint Tutorial Pte Ltd (http://www.tuition-services.com/)

This website looks like something that was left behind by the Internet. Even before reading the text you may guess that the tutors advertising their services have been teaching since the nineties. You’d be right. The uninspired use of the default Arial font (in italics, too!) is probably the least terrible thing about the website.

A bad website for a tuition industry.

There is no balance in the way the content has been placed. There should be harmony in the way you arrange things on the website. It doesn’t mean simply centering everything on the page. The eyes flow down naturally as there is only one column of text. This is good. But all that space below has not been used well. It is hard to imagine what the designers were going for with those big images and bigger spaces between them.

The only thing the website has done right is that the text is broken up into lines that can be easily scanned. Also, the menu items are clear and direct. But the use of old-fashioned Microsoft Powerpoint clip-art and outdated gradient shadows make you wonder if the tutors advertising their services are caught in a time warp they can’t get out of. Would you trust your child’s 21st century education to them?

Just like you don’t want to have all style and no content, you can’t turn your visitors away by giving them a website that looks like it has been slapped together with an old desktop publisher.

Also remember, if your website works on one device but not on others, it won’t do. These days all websites are supposed to be good to view on PC browsers, tablets, mobile phones and other devices. It’s called responsive design. The example above doesn’t look like it will do anything different when you open it from your mobile phone.

Your website doesn’t scale well


The Offender: singaporecupid.com (http://www.singaporecupid.com/index)

This is definitely going into my bad websites list. I have absolute no idea why the right side is empty.

When you open the website on your browser, the entire page scrunches up to the left. It is not a pretty sight. Even the sizes of the icons and pictures of men and women visitors are hoping to hit up are so small they all look like other people or objects.

I don’t think I will ever get laid using this site. #VirginForLife.

It is actually not difficult to have a great design on your website. There are certain simple rules for website design that one can take note and implement.



It is true that most people, or at least a very large number of them, are looking at websites on their mobile phones today. But that doesn’t mean you should alienate the ones that are coming to your website from their PCs and Macs. Responsive design is very important today. As we’ve said earlier, your website has to open smoothly no matter who is visiting and from what device. It should scale well across different devices. Keep this in mind only if you’re interested in doing good business. Find out popular website design trends that can be a great help for you.

Steer clear of these website design mistakes. If you do, you’ll be a step closer to drawing more readers (read: customers) to your website. If you don’t, it will be the online equivalent of suicide!

If at this point you’re wondering, how on Earth can I design an awesome website? Well for starter, we have a video about the important elements a website should have. Do check it out. Or if you’re already in a more advance level, finding some examples of well designed websites helps


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