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Web Design Trends 2015: 6 Designs That Dominate

Rain Tan Rain Tan • December 7, 2015
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top 6 website design trends in 2015

Merry Christmas all!

2015 had been a hell of a year for us. We learn and grew so much! We had written literally millions lines of codes!

Anyway I thought it would be cool to wrap up this year with an article about web design trends. We look through all of our customers’ site and many major sites in Singapore and also other countries.

Here’s what we found, 6 web design trends that revolutionized the internet in 2016.

Split Screen

this is a pic of dewey site

I really love this layout. Want your website to stand out from the crowd?

Experiment with a split screen layout, which gives prominence to not one, but two elements – providing your customers with more choices.

This is an awesome way to convey more information when space is already limited.

Giving consumers more details about your brand as they hit your landing page from the Google Search should decrease your bounce rate.

This is one of the best features of responsive design and surprisingly, split screen layouts look just as good on mobile as they do on a desktop, despite the smaller screen.

Split screen let you contrast different elements and are one of the most eye-catching design trends around at the moment.

Single Image

This is a picture of einstein tuition website

Einstein Tuition, a home tuition website in Singapore, did great in this.

Nothing captures the attention more than a big, bold image, so web designers are going one step further with single image designs that really resonate with visitors.

This looks like television screens – free of clutter, messy text and other distracting graphics. Just a really nice image smack right in your face.

In fact, using one striking single image can work wonders if you’re trying to advertise a product or service without having to rely on blocks of boring black-and-white text to do it.

Engaging, clean and simple, a single-image screen is a glimpse into web design of the future. No hassle, no fuss – just web design that works.

Blocks Grid

this is a pic of mencenat site

Alright this is something you don’t see very often, but it is really neat and cool.

Grid-based content blocks provide a similar effect to a portfolio or photo album – providing web users with more images in a limited amount of space.

The result can be practical as well as aesthetic; it’s easy to navigate and looks great.

If you want to advertise more of your products on the landing page without bombarding your customers with information, this is a great way to do it.

No header or footer

this is a pic of baun site

Headers and footers are so 2009.

One of the best trends of 2015 has been the move towards websites which eschew these clunky, distracting features.

The result? Pages are clean and free from clutter, with focus on the main landing page image. As web users become increasingly visual, expect this to be a trend that will stick around for a while.

Animated story

this is a pic of boldking site

This is legitimately one of my favorite.

Animated layouts are one of the most popular design features for web users, especially when they tell a story.

More brands are using this technology to sell their products and services, and it looks great on both mobile and desktop devices.

Animated story design can create a unique, interactive, and dynamic experience that keeps customers on your pages longer.

One down side though. I realize that sites with this layout generally have a higher loading time.

I would only recommend this layout if your brand is selling a service or product that needs to educate your customers. If you’re selling something straightforward, then probably try to stay away from this.

Long scroll

this is a pic of apple site

If you’re serious about web design, long scroll pages offer more functionality than above-the-fold layouts – expect this design trend to explode in 2016.

It essentially allows designers to tell a “story” as users scroll down from one page to another without having to click on several links (check out some of Apple’s websites – they do this really well).

Even better, long scroll works exceptionally well on mobile devices, meaning you’ll likely to see more of this trend in the near future.

Anyway, if you’ve reach here so far, thanks for your time reading. We want to end off 2015 by thanking all our clients for trusting us with your web design and other technological projects.

2015 is a year of ups and downs for us (mostly up though haha). From 1 office to 2 offices and finally to a HUGE office of our own. Things have been crazy so far. We had fun, we had tears.

Nevertheless it was a great year! And we hope that you could be part of our journey in 2016 too. Find out what we have been doing by visiting our FaceBook page. (And give us a like okay?)

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What are your thoughts? Let us know by commenting below!

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