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18 Best Website Designs in Singapore (Updated 2021)

Lawrence Low Lawrence Low • November 25, 2021
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(This article has been updated in November 2021)

It may be tough to comprehend why businesses these days spill dollars of money into web design work. This is because good web design has become one of the most important aspects of an online business presence. 

The current digital age has pushed many entrepreneurs to scale their business in the digital world. Having a well-designed website is crucial to engage target audiences and helps in business branding, reach more clients and increase conversion.

Here are 18 examples of the best web designs in Singapore that are sure to leave an impression.

1. O.Plus 


This is an e-commerce site known for selling premium designer eyewear. Upon entering the site, you are greeted by a bold image of a model modelling their eyewear. Yet, this site differentiates by delivering quality content for users. 

When you continue to scroll and hover around the different glasses, the images are automatically enlarged. It then displays information such as the brand, material and other specifications of the eyewear.

The icons used are all interactive, sleek and kept clean; leaning towards a minimalist design . They also used personal images and there is close to no sight of stock photography. This appeals better to viewers to want to visit the store.

Hence, the first impression of a website matters a lot. Viewers need to know what is being sold on a site the moment they land on the page. The most important part of a website is the area above the fold on the homepage. That area is the first impression of your business.Visual mass has definitely done great as the images of their products are at above the fold of their home page. With good e-commerce website design, you can easily tell that their website sells eyewear. 

2. Love, Bonito 


Love, Bonito is a women’s clothing store based in Singapore. The first eye-catching detail on their site is the use of big and bold images. It captures attention and speaks of the quality of their products and services. 

To add to that, their site is designed to be user-friendly whereby they have a filter function to view specific products. For a store that sells a variety, it will be much easier and convenient for users to browse through their site. This also leaves a pleasant customer experience. 

3. School of the Arts, Singapore (“SOTA”) 


School websites are hardly known for having a good website design. They usually look dry except for art schools which are known to have way better and pleasing designs. School of the Arts, Singapore (“SOTA”) is one of such that have done a splendid job with their website development.

Their website has embraced the color wheel largely that there were plenty of contrasting colors. There are both pros and cons to having this. The good part of it is that it will be very visual and stand out well. On the downside, this could make the words harder to see. Hence, dimming certain colors would have been a better choice.

They also have good Call-to-action (“CTA”) buttons which are well designed. Their CTA buttons direct users according to their intended purposes; from receiving newsletters and signing up for their courses.

4. Qanvast 


Qanvast’s website is another example of a great web design. Their website conceptualisation has been done so well that is worth admiring. 

They have used professional images and listed all important details relevant to each image. For instance, their “Featured Projects” tab displays the cost, size and type of house. 

Every now and then, they also feature the interior designs of different people’s houses where full details of the design are shown along. They also make it more interactive by using unique icons for the different features of the house.

This makes it easier for visitors to scan through the site. It is always necessary to have the site visitor’s interest in mind when designing a website.

5. LASALLE College of the Arts 


As we spoke earlier that school websites can be dry, we again can go back to the fact that art schools are better in their web design. LASALLE College of the Arts is another prominent school known for their web design. 

Their website has a grid layout which has been a popular choice among web designers. They can hence display many different information which will be useful to potential students. 

Lasalle 1

For instance, the“Diploma in Music” and “Applications Now Open” grids are displayed prominently. This is a subtle CTA move that the web designer has incorporated, which makes site visitors more drawn to clicking on those links.

* Pro Tip: If you are unsure on the content/information to display, a grid layout will be the best move. We just have to keep in mind that the size of the grid will carry more weight than the rest. It is also best to keep limited sizes for the grids, optimally 2-3 sizes. If you would also like to know more about the trending web design layouts, check this out Web Design Trends.

(N.B. This review is based off the site’s earlier web design.)

6. The BOLDR Watches


This is one of the best examples for a minimalist web design. The choice of color scheme, clean and enlarged pictures, and clear CTA buttons is a winner for this website. 

Unlike some other sites, they have made use of close up images to show the details of their timepieces. This keeps the entire layout looking minimal. The use of their timepieces as background images is also a subtle way to showcase their products and pull users to purchase. 

* Pro Tip: If you are selling products that have incredible details i.e. watches, jewelleries, figurines etc., we recommend going for this type of layout.

7. Go Bear

Go bear

The eye-catcher for this website is their mascot, the colorful bear. It stood out well on their website as especially among their choice of green and white color scheme. 

Go Bear

Their user interface is good as everything is kept simple and nothing lengthy, We can also see that they took a lot of time and effort to design different iconic mascots for their different products and services. 

Their emphasis on their branding has been found to be attractive that pulls users to their site.This is another great example of a simple website being impactful with quality content. 

(N.B. This review is based off the site’s earlier web design.)

8. Asia Pacific Breweries, Singapore (“APB”)


APB definitely has one of the best websites in terms of its simple design and elegant aesthetics. 

Upon entering their website URL, they have a rather cool layout where visitors have to enter their age details for verification first. Visitors are then brought to the main homepage where everything is seen black and white.

The surprising element for this website is when visitors hover on the different images. Each image then begins to display in a color format when hovered upon. This makes each of the elements on their page stand out so much more and grabs visitors attention to specific items. 

Instead of having too many texts, they also focused on mainly showing images which sparks curiosity on visitors. This also makes them want to click and explore on the different links they have. 

This is also a smart layout that APB has come up with as it is very scannable and more engaging than some other sites. Their choice of color scheme is also kept minimal and all the information needed is kept in clear menu tabs. 

APB is also seen to have wanted a layout where their tradition and history is put out to the world. This explains their black and white theme as well as stories about their past. Story-telling is one of the best ways for engagement and APB has realised that well. Even a slider or montage could not have elevated their brand story. 

It is good to see that APB has designed their site in a way that visitors are given a more stringent path of direction to explore. No heavy information is thrown out to them immediately which is what makes this one of the best web designs in Singapore. 

(N.B. This review is based off the site’s earlier web design.)

9. ION Orchard

ION Orchard is known to be one of Singapore’s most iconic shopping malls. It is an award-winning development and its modern architecture has brought in so much of attraction into Singapore. 

It’s website however, though does not show too much of its architecture, is known to have one of the best web designs locally. This is due to its simplicity and ability to capture fast information. 


Firstly, they have an auto-play video at the top of the page which is constantly updated. They focus on keeping it relevant and which visitors will need to know when visiting them physically. 

Currently, their auto-play video is with regards to the holiday season, urging customers to go to ION Orchard to do their holiday shopping. The constant update keeps the visitor assured that their site is being monitored and updated frequently. 

Their website is also kept minimal with quick visual displays on the ongoing promotions, events and latest updates on their homepage. Their menu tabs are also kept very clear for visitors to navigate through. Mobile browsers definitely will have no hassle when visiting this site to get fast information.  

10. Changi Airport Group (“CAG”)


As one of the the most popular local airlines, CAG’s website development is no less. The website is sleek, neat and gives the instant feel of having a global travel experience. 

Their site also starts off with a slider which features how it is more than just an airport. Their choice of images include travel, dining, shopping, ambience and services. Also. they have considered how visitors will search for flight information first and have designed the site in a way that it is displayed in the centre of attention. 

This is a very good move by the designers as it reduces the trouble for visitors to have to search through an essential link. This also helps to bring in more visitors to use their site for the convenience they are able to get. 

Another interesting aspect of this website is the presence of the virtual assistant chat tool. 

This gives visitors the option to clarify their doubts online instead of having to call the airlines directly which could take up alot of time. This also motivates visitors to ask simple questions as well if they have without any hesitance. 

11. Nanyang Jade 


Designing a website for a jewellery store can be a little complicated. This is because their products are smaller and have to have a greater amount of extravagant display to appeal to visitors. The aesthetic design and color choice are the key to their sales. 

This website is of a jade store that has done remarkably well in those areas. For greater visual attraction, they have used a textured black background in their slider to showcase each of their premium limited edition jades. 

They have also used minimal text in their slider with a CTA button incorporated to view those products instantly. Their menu tabs are minimal with 4 tabs only which gives visitors clear directions when visiting their site. 

Further down in their homepage, they have also given a brief summary of their brand story and their “latest”, “special” and “best seller items” categorised neatly. This gives visitors a smooth user experience and plenty of ease to view their products instantly.

12. TWG Tea Singapore


TWG Tea is another local brand that has an amazing web design. The first thing that captures our hearts is the aesthetics of nature. 

The layout of this brand is similar to APB whereby their design speaks of their brand story; the history and their tradition. TWB achieves this by showing images of the origin of their tea and giving visitors the option to click upon to view videos and details of their brand journey. 

This is naturally appealing to visitors as they do not hard sell their products. Instead they focus on sharing about themselves which in turn creates organic visitors to their site. 

The entire theme of their site also follows their logo style; in terms of their font choice and colors. Their use of text is also kept minimal with more exciting and vibrant visuals used. 

13. Charles and Keith Singapore


Charles and Keith has always been known to have one of the most stylish and elegant websites in the apparels and fashion industry in Singapore. 

Even though they do not use motion images or videos, they maintain a neutral themed web layout that is simple yet classy. Such web design portrays their brand tone and voice really well. 

They also neatly categorise their products in clear menu tabs with their “New Arrivals” being the centre of attention always. 

As we have stressed how important CTA buttons are, it’s great to see that they have integrated those into their site at places where necessary. This makes it easier for visitors to navigate with quick link options. 

Similar to CAG, Charles and Keith also has a “Live Chat” tool in their site which is a plus point for them. 

14. Browhaus Singapore


Browhaus is a local brow and lash grooming salon based in Singapore. With minimal local sites in the same industry, this brand has created an aesthetically pleasing web design for its visitors. 

Their homepage uses plenty of large poster images where they have a poster image for ongoing promotions, their new services, and learn more links. They have also ensured to leave some customer reviews in the form of animated blog images in their main homepage.

An attractive aspect of this website is the use of their original hashtag #browhausready in their menu tab. 

When clicked upon, it diverts the visitor to a page where there is an auto-played audio that visitors get to watch which speaks about their brand by their ambassadors. Visitors can also scroll through to read more with the audio being played in the background. 

Such web design automatically engages the visitor as there is a continual touch of their brand especially by using original hashtags prominently in their page. This indirectly makes the visitor remember the brand better and feel more personal towards them.  

15. Ong Shunmugam


This by far is one of the best web design layouts that we have seen. It is a Singapore-based contemporary womenswear label founded by a local designer. 

With stunning visuals and elegant web layout, this site speaks so much about its brand. Not only is the navigation smooth, but this site has been designed with a minimalistic approach. 

It is also known to be one of the best web designs due to the stringent but clear navigation tabs. With appropriate CTA buttons and zoomed in visuals, this site has definitely achieved in elevating its brand tone well. 

For a fashion brand, it is important to ensure there is consistently in the style chosen. Ong Shunmugan shines in this aspect well and is known popularly in Singapore.   

Bonus Examples of Great Web Designs in Singapore (by Web Imp)

To add to the above, we would also like to share 3 custom web designs by us that we are truly proud of. 

21. A’remac Singapore

A’remac is a local company that is specialised in photography and videography. Being in the creative sector, it was essential for them to exhibit that aspect of themselves in their web design as well.

Web Imp was then able to step in to create a special custom design and custom animation for their website.

The eye-catching element of this website was the creation of a “lightning effect” in the homepage with the visual of a camera snapshot. 

Visitors then will need to click on the snapshot to be directed to the main menu and other tabs. This web design was able to stand out distinctively from its competitors with the unique visual from our client’s review.  

22. The Singapore Membrane Consortium (“SGMEM”) 

SGMEM is a platform to showcase Singapore’s unique ecosystem for membrane technology. 

They needed a well designed website that could easily explain to visitors what membrane is all about. The website was a platform for industry players to receive and share information via the platform. 

Web Imp was then able to build a beautifully designed custom website with integrated forum, and explained membrane concepts through a dynamic homepage design.

The custom animation was a random movement of particles, with the membrane film on the right that only allows very tiny particles to pass through. 

The uniqueness of the animation and the design theme of membrane technology suited their needs and vision well.  

Scrolling further, we also designed the site with a built in navigation help. This helps visitors point to the right pages they are looking for via a “2-part survey”.

This is a type of design element that could reduce unnecessary time spent for visitors to search for a specific information manually.

23. Singapore Media Awards (“SMA”) 2019 

SMA 2019 was a platform to showcase the best media campaigns in the Singapore Media Industry. Their needs included portraying a web design that was visually stunning and highlighted their slogan “This Is Media!”

Web Imp then came in as their creative partner to design a microsite that aesthetically had the feel of an “award ceremony” when browsing through. As seen from the image, it was designed with a ceremonial background layout with animation poppers when clicked upon.

Rather than displaying all the typical menu tabs, the site was also designed to have just one menu tab at the top right hand corner of the page. 

Visitors could then navigate through the different links from that single tab. All of the site pages were also made to have a consistent web design layout throughout; in background, font style and colour scheme. 

What makes a good website design?

In the bottom line, it is not enough to just have a website. We have to ensure that it has all the necessary elements to drive traffic into the site and build conversions. Constantly improving the site and keeping it relevant should be the way to move forward.

After reviewing 23 examples of the best web designs above, let’s recap what we have learnt. 

1. Call-to-action (“CTA”)

CTA is definitely one of the most important elements a website should have. It is good to analyse and find out the type of CTA that will be useful to your site and use them effectively. 

2. Above the fold, homepage

You should always let your visitors know what your site is or what you are selling in this area. It is best not to use any other content here that may be irrelevant especially for unestablished brands. This area will be an opportunity to create a good impression about your site.  

3. Real Images

As mentioned earlier, stock photography is the easiest and worst mistake you can use for your site. The moment it is visible to your visitor, it will reduce the level of engagement they can have with your site. Personal images should be the way to go. 

Stock photography can also make your visitors feel that you do not have a brand voice. Hence, always ensure to use images that are as close to your brand as possible.  

With that said, let’s remember that our website is our business.

Love it. Care for it. Maintain it. 

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