Employee Spotlight: Yudha, UI/UX Designer - Web Imp

Employee Spotlight: Yudha, UI/UX Designer

Rain Tan Rain Tan • January 13, 2021
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Yudha is Web Imp’s most senior designer. Many of our best designs were created by him. He is someone who is constantly looking for opportunities for growth and experimentation. He brings his own unique voice and personality to Web Imp.

Can you introduce yourself?

My friends called me “Yudha”. If you’re wondering, the “H” is silent and you pronounce it “You-Da”.

What do you do at Web Imp?

My role in Web Imp is currently as a UI/UX Designer.

As a UI/UX designer, I work with the project managers and developers to create prototype concepts of websites and software based solutions that we are going to build eventually for our clients. I design things like websites, mobile apps, web applications etc.

What was your journey to your current role at Web Imp?

I was always interested to dive more into UI/UX roles since I was in college. However, I haven’t got the courage & opportunity to do so at the time.

My first opportunity was starting as a graphic designer, working for a design agency for interactive, promotional & events props-centric design in Singapore.

I loved it there. But after a while, I didn’t feel like I’ve improved & challenged. I felt I can do more than that.

After getting experience there, I was offered a role by Web Imp as a UI/UX Designer. As a person who’s interested in UI/UX Design, that opportunity was one thing I needed to push myself to expand my skillset.

So with a lot of hopes & lots of hard work, I finally became who I am right now. A UI/UX Designer for Web Imp. I might not the best one yet, but I’ll make sure I learn from every project here at Web Imp to be the best

What do you enjoy doing at Web Imp?

I love how I got the opportunity to work with some of the greatest teammates in Web Imp. I’m a designer, I’m passionate about my work and I love designing.

When it comes to what I enjoy the most: it is knowing the quality design I made that really satisfies the client’s needs.

To know that I’m able to create the solution that they are looking for. To know that I exceed their expectations. For me, it gives me a little boost to keep on designing something great for the next project.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

Balancing between quality to deliver VS clients’ expectations in generally tight deadlines. The good thing is, we keep communication up between teammates to cover each other’s back. Even though the challenge comes and goes, at the end of the day, we can still nail every project that we did.

What are some advice that you can give to someone who wants to join the industry?

The ability to be able to look at things from another perspective is really important to assess your design works because, in the end, Design is about solving client problems.

If you can’t see from their perspective, you might tend to overlook the little details of the problems to solve.

What are some of the design works in Web Imp that you are most proud of?

When it comes to works that I’m most proud of, it’s hard to choose only a few. I would say personally, some of my finest work yet are:

  • Citrusox
    Citrusox is one of the projects I like because of how well the execution of the design went from start to finish. When designing this project, I had a full understanding of what the client wanted and I know exactly how I need to design their new site to be. And for me, the site looks great and really speaks their brand voice.
  • ViSenze
    My biggest project I’ve worked on yet! ViSenze is an MNC level client who is really keen on keeping the design process and development process on track. They are tough clients but in a good way. They really aim for the closest to perfection and it translates to a great collaboration between our team and the ViSenze team to create the finest site for their brand. It creates a great combination of a well-structured sitemap & well-illustrated pages for each of their services.
  • SNBC
    Singapore National Biofilm Consortium website is one of the longest projects I have worked on. Lots of challenges when it comes to creating the design but I must say that this project is one of the most successful works I did yet. The site is really structured well to be easy to navigate even though it has lots of pages to navigate.

I can go on and on with the other projects but for now, I think these three are the most deserving.

(See more: Web Imp Portfolio)

What are some lessons you have learned in Web Imp that you didn’t know before?

When it comes to working on projects. Your work doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be done. From there, you start to improve from the lessons learned.

Which areas do you think you grew the most?

I basically started from 0 to build up my career here as a UX/UI designer from a graphic designer. I think I’m more keen on UX best practices and UI design patterns than ever.

Where do you see yourself moving forward?

When asked about this in my employment interview and even now in this interview, my answer still persists. My next milestone is to secure a role as a Creative Director.

This way I’ll have more people to work with & more time to learn from other designers simultaneously. I believe I am able to lead fellow creatives to bring out the best version of themself. To be each other’s alternative perspective since we designers tend to narrow down our perspective when creating designs by ourselves.”

What do you wish to learn next?

Simple.More on leadership soft skills for me to improve myself for my next aimed role in the future.

Where do you go for inspiration and for growth?

My favorite all the time when it comes to design & personal-growth related is “The Futur”. They are everywhere – on YouTube, Instagram, etc. They guide designers to know their worth, to know how to improve their design skills, and many more.

When it comes to getting inspiration, my go-to is just Pinterest or Dribbble. There are a lot of great designs from various designers that I can’t list there to get me inspired.

What do you enjoy doing your free time?

Mostly I play a lot of games or watch YouTube videos to get me inspired or just some tutorials. But when my creative side really kicks in, I can pretty much design a new style of UI that I never tried before for exercise, or a template to be used for my next project for the whole day. Improving every little detail until I’m satisfied with the outcome & trying it out for a real project later.

What is something unique or interesting about you?

I’m a person who is really against going with the crowd. Why follow if you can lead the crowd?

I don’t feel like an interesting person overall, but what I can tell you is this: I’m that kind of person who’s fun at parties but only with my buddies.

What are your core values and beliefs?

I believe that your quality as a person is built upon by what kind of people are around your circles. So, surround yourself with great people. You might not be one of them yet, but it gives you the opportunity to learn from them to become one of them.”

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