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Employee Spotlight: Pachadella, Admin Support

Chermaine Chermaine • March 15, 2021
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Della is with Web Imp for almost a year! Her desire to learn helped her tremendously in her work and her support to others.

What is your role, and what are the things you do in Web Imp?

My name is Pachadella Yolanro, but everyone calls me Della. I am the admin support in Web Imp. I assist clients with website support, mehosted hosting and domain, cPanel, Web Host Manager (WHM) server, Dropbox, email setup, payment gateway and other ad-hoc duties.

What was your journey to attaining your current role?

I was the kind of a person that flow where the wind blows. After finishing high school, I got scholarship at UNSOED in Informatics Engineering. It was either this or I wouldn’t attend college at all. So I decided to take it.

This major mainly taught about building web application. Thank god I was born with a heart that is eager to learn, so even though it wasn’t my passion, I managed to persevere on and finish my studies in about 3.5 years and got my bachelors degree.

After graduating, I searched for a job in Batam but the jobs that are related to my field of studies have a high requirement. There was once I got a chance and had to a the test, but I didn’t pass it. So I took any job that was available at that time ’cause I need to help my single mom immediately.

I started my career as a front office, this job includes customer service, translator if any tourist came and brochure design. And after that I started my new career with Glints, as a talent manager (TM). I learned how to recruit people, shortly after I became a sales development representative (SDR). I learned how to get a client to work with Glints and that was how I found Web Imp.

It’s one of my dreams to get a job in a software company. This is the most relevant jobs that I have found that was related to my field. 
I gotta say that this is the coolest job I’ve ever had. What a wonderful experience to be here. Love you guys! 

What do you most enjoy doing at Web Imp?

Creating Content Management System (CMS) user manual for a client. I put myself as a client that is not tech savvy, my objective is to make our client, whether is tech savvy or not, to understand the website through my CMS manual. I’m happy to help other people, teach other people how to use the website. 

What are the challenges you faced when you started this role?

Understanding the support issue. Issues can be caused by anything such as running out disk space, human error, bugs, or even sometimes belong to the third party that’s not our product. This is the hardest part. This is when you get the phrase “learning by doing”.

Understanding the various English accents, Web Imp has so many clients. I have to admit that I was struggling to understand when they called me using Indian accent or British accent. This is so challenging for me, but fun nonetheless.

Some tips that you can provide to someone who wants to take on a role like yours?

If you are an eager person to learn, have a thirst for knowledge, lifestyle and culture, this job would be perfect.

What are the things you did in Web Imp that you are most proud of? 

Sometimes I have to solve the HTML code case for QBfood newsletter.

Example of QBfood newsletter

Bullet numbering nested on Rockworth‘s legal page. 

On IMX, I created a search function as well as the manual for MeHosted support and WordPress support and doing this reminded me of my college project LOL.

WordPress support in IMX

The CMS I’ve created is better than before. Previously, I saw the old CMS manual only had the admin site look. It doesn’t explain how it’s gonna be look like on the website.

So I put myself in the client’s shoes, thinking how can I understand the website better, then I put some screenshot of the actual website to the CMS manual so that the client can understand better, and how the changes they make will affect the website.

An example of the new and improved CMS

What are some lessons/things you have learned in Web Imp that you didn’t know before?

So many! I learned about hosting, domain, how to register and transfer it. I also learned about cPanel, WHM server and etc. But the most important thing as an admin support is to understand the client’s objective and find out the root of the issue. 

You need to be meticulous. Before informing the client that the issue fixed, you need to double check, testing it on the desktop as well as on mobile. So the client will get the perfect final end. 

Which areas do you think you grew the most?

I like the fact that I’m currently aware of what we can do in cPanel and also registrar, as well as understanding a bit about various English accents. I mean, this is the knowledge and experience that I can use in the future.

What role or what plans in terms of career path next?

For once I wanna have a chance in life to follow my passion instead of follow the wind.

What do you wish to learn next? Or have the chance to do?

I wanna learn about business, management and investment. I wanna learn how to make the money work for me.

What is your favourite blog, social page, YouTube page where you get inspiration?

I watch Hanan Attaki for religious booster. Having stable Emotional Quotient (EQ) is very important to face any situation.

I love to create accessories, this shop – ratupaski.semarang – this where I get my business inspiration. this shop is the where it begins. Their social media don’t display so much, but when when you visit the store directly you’ll be amazed. 

Gita Savitri Devi is my inspiration for traveling. She has accomplished many things such as having her own tv show, being an ambassador for Ruang Guru, an education platform and she also studied in Germany. Even with such success, she has a nice personality. 

What do you enjoy doing / watching / playing in your off times?

I like to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S., it’s such a booster. It teaches me that life is not perfect and it’s okay to screw up and get up again.  

Secondly, is Indonesian Next top Models. This makes me appreciate more about myself and my health.

Lastly, is My Trip My Adventure. It is my hobby to travel. I also love to create accessories, so I started to create accessories when I was still in college. However, after graduation, I couldn’t continue it as I needed to get a job to help lighten the load off my mom. 

Something unique or interesting about you

I’m friendly. I like peace and harmony environment. I also wanna be useful and positive toward people around me. 

What are your core values and beliefs

Big desire could defeat talent. I use this my whole life. The universe puts me to a field that is not my passion not my specialty, but with a big desire to graduate, I learn and I made it.

Grab the chance before you regret it. I love to trial and error. If you have the chance to experience something new or something difficult, just go for it! Who knows, it might bring you good effect in the future, so just grab the chance before you missed it and regret it.

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