Employee Spotlight: Zainuddin, Backend Developer - Web Imp

Employee Spotlight: Zainuddin, Backend Developer

Chermaine Chermaine • May 20, 2021
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Zainuddin is in Web Imp as a Backend Developer. He is a hard worker and constantly learn to upgrade his skills!

What is your role, and what are the things you do in Web Imp?

I’m Zainuddin Imanullah, and I’m a backend developer and develop web applications from backend side dealing with the logical aspect and database.

What do you mean by the logical aspect?

Well, it means we translate human needs into a code, so that we can create a website that is easy for the user to read and understand!

Oh! I see. So, what was your journey to attaining your current role?

My role as a backend developer began in August 2017, before that I worked as an unskilled labourer to repair railroads for 2 years.

When I first worked as a backend developer, I didn’t have any skills to be a backend developer, so my first 3 months as a backend developer were the most difficult. I had to sacrifice my holiday to learn about backend development in-depth – day and night – in order to survive and not return to being an unskilled labourer again.

After that, for 3 years I continued to learn and further develop my skills as a backend developer. From then, I got a call from Glints that there was an opportunity to work in an offshore company, and that’s how I joined the Web Imp.

At Web Imp I got to learn new abilities that I didn’t get in the previous company and managed to develop my skills one step above.

What do you most enjoy doing at Web Imp?

In Web Imp I am given room to develop my skills and always get different challenges in each task, because every challenge makes me feel like I am in my own world communicating with my own code.

What are the challenges you faced when you started this role?

Develop web app logic with simple, efficient, fast and lightweight.

Some tips that you can provide to someone who wants to take on a role like yours?

Always empty your glass, be thirsty for knowledge and keep updating your skills. Don’t forget to use the Coding standards to make you and your team easier to maintain the code quality and would decrease the time spent by new developers trying to understand the complex codebase. 

What are the things you did in Web Imp that you are most proud of? 

EMBRACE Funeral Service
I was given freedom to create from scratch. This project was using Laravel framework, and because of that I felt very free as I was comfortable using the framework that I’m good at.

There are so many challenges that make me excited while working on IMX. I managed to learn and improve my skill through it.

What are some lessons/things you have learned in Web Imp that you didn’t know before?

I got new lessons about code management. My role also required me to learn how to integrate Dropbox with web app.

Which areas do you think you grew the most?

I have become much better at making simple and efficient code.

What role or what plans in terms of career path next?

I want to lead a team.

What do you wish to learn next? Or have the chance to do?

I want to learn Golang and backend for mobile app.

*Golang is an open source programming language

What is your favourite blog, social page, YouTube page where you get inspiration?

My favourite social page is PHP Indonesia on Facebook arrange by PHPID Community. A group for PHP developer in Indonesia and every week they make webinar for online learning.

What do you enjoy doing / watching / playing in your off times?

I like to watch anime during my free time and also traveling around with motorcycle.

Something unique or interesting about you

I love coffee!

What are your core values and beliefs

What you’re fighting for is what you’ll get, don’t give up. If you don’t get a chance then make your own. 

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