Employee Spotlight: Gabriel, Front End Developer - Web Imp

Employee Spotlight: Gabriel, Front End Developer

Rain Tan Rain Tan • February 10, 2021
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Gabriel is in Web Imp for almost a year as a Front End Developer. He is a very hard working individual who is unafraid to take on challenges!

What is your Role, and what are the things you do in web imp?

My name is Gabriel F. Aswinta, and I’m a Front-End Developer. Like the name says, I develop the front-end stuff on web-related projects. No, I do not design how it looks. More like giving life to the designs from our top-rated designers.

Can you tell me your journey thus far?

I was introduced to the magical world of programming in the 2000s. Back then, I was still taking study in Economics Management major. Working as a cameraman, a video editor, and a CGI designer in a production house in Jakarta back in 2004 exposed me to Digital Graphic Manipulation.

All the projects I encounter until 2015 ranges from photo manipulation, web designing, even computer network setup for some small office and internet cafe, made me realize more about my interest in computer technology. That is when I decided to get a diploma in Information Technology. So I sat at the college desk again to get my computer diploma.

I got accepted at a Big Retail company in Indonesia and was appointed as an Electronic Data Processing for a year where I really got attached with data processing, data manipulation, and data flow, that’s when I expose myself to laravel framework and fell in love with how it ‘humanize’ the programming language.

But, in 2019 I took a chance to join a startup team developing the real-estate marketplace. I like to tease my brain when I meet a good and prospective idea. So, I got sent to build a team of developers, but even before we launch, Covid happened, and those projects got stopped.

After that, I joined Glints and got offered to work in an offshore company named Web Imp. Honestly, I was hesitant because of my age at that time. But as I follow along with the interviews and tests, I was intrigued as this company has a good team and a vibrant culture I’ve never seen before. Luckily, they welcomed me as a front-end.

However, over 13 years of my computer programming experience, I don’t really touch (JavaScript) JS and the last WordPress version I tinkered with was 2.0. So, every night for 3 months of my probation with Web Imp I do what I do best: self-taught myself all about JS., and I was not alone.

My co-workers are fully supportive. Now, here I am as a FE Dev for Web Imp, still doing out of the box designs from our designer.

What do you most enjoy doing at web imp?

The thing I most enjoy was when I have to put logic to the interfaces. Making the UX, anticipating users’ actions for each element of the views.

Most challenging part of your job?

Web Imp is a very fast-evolving company. The expectation is high here. What really challenged me is to adapt to new colleagues. The way each developer approaches a problem is different and the level of teamwork experience is different.

Most developers are used to being a ‘Ronin’, especially inexperienced ones. We have to learn how to dissect our parts like we dissect the functions in our codes. So working as a team, you should only do your part and not everything that you might know.

The other challenge, I think is every dev nowadays have: trying to keep up with the ever-growing tech. Web technology now is growing at a rate that is even faster than light itself. Haha.

Some tips that you can provide to someone who wants to take on a role like yours?

I have only 2 tips:

1. Always have a ‘user-minded’ mindset. What we are building is not for us. We are unlikely to use it daily, so we need to think like the user and anticipate their thought process by trying to stand in their shoes while standing face-to-face with your UI.

2. Never be satisfied! I do not mean to be greedy as f***, hahaha. What I meant by that is that you should never think that you know enough of your tech. Keep updating yourself like you update your IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

Can you describe the projects in Web Imp that you are most proud of, and why?


It was the best teamwork I had.

IMX Reskin

Not every day you have a project to be used by you and your mates. This is one of them. I was exposed to kinda ‘lower-level’ tweaks in the system.

Handover changes. My first Laravel project here. Even though we didn’t create it, but we’re the ones who really made it dynamic.

Syntech, a WordPress project.

It really pushed me to create our own timeline interface.

What are some lessons you learned in Web Imp that you didn’t know before?

I learned WooCommerce and was taught how intricate the WordPress hooks are.

From all the projects, I learned how to become a DRY developer, always trying to produce ‘clean code’ so that anyone could read my codes. Not just me.

Which areas do you think you grew the most?

Obviously, I really excel in javascript development. along with it, surely in other front end technologies such as sass, node, grunt, etc

What role or what plans in terms of career path next?

One step at a time. I want to lead a team next.

What do you wish to learn next? or have the chance to do?

Up until now, I still haven’t got the time to learn the hype: Kotlin.

What is your favourite blog, social page, youtube page where you get inspiration?

Not much. For teaching myself, I like to watch the Traversy Media channel on YouTube. Sometimes when I am feeling down or procrastinating at work, I will watch “the tech lead” to elevate my mood. Hahaha. For the technical stuff, especially in anything CSS, I normally go to the css-tricks.com.

For any help on my projects, I always rely on the good old “Stack Overflow” and for anything else, I knew I always have my fingers on speed dial to google.com. LOL.

What do you enjoy doing / watching / playing in your off times?

Don’t laugh…it can feel a little bit weird…I like to open the NatGeo channel on my TV, or watch the history channel. I like to watch how they unravel the Egyptian history.

You know… anything to satisfy a billion-dollar question in my mind, how God created living things. If you’re a programmer, you should know how it feels to ‘play God’ for your programs. right?! Hahaha.

Something unique or interesting about you.

I like to talk; sharing what I know. It’s a gift not to keep for myself. Thus, I like to discuss everything with each other.

What are your core values and beliefs?

There is an old saying in my language, “Kamu menuai yang kamu tabur”. You reap what you sow. After all, we are what we eat. You treat people the way you want to be treated. Knowledge is a gift, not all people have the same absorption level as you. If you have more, why not give it out?

Life is not always about the material, but we are constantly surrounded by them. Hahaha… See, I started to mumble again.

Oh, also before I forget, I would like to talk about Rain. After working with him, I learned from him how to keep a positive mind in every situation. He kinda knows how to face every situation properly. Hahaha.

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