Employee Spotlight: Lawrence, Technical Director - Web Imp

Employee Spotlight: Lawrence, Technical Director

Rain Tan Rain Tan • January 27, 2021
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Lawrence is currently our longest serving developer in Web Imp. From a backend developer, he worked his way up and eventually became our technical director. Often found working way past office hours, he commands respect from the rest of the team as a pillar of Web Imp.

Can you introduce yourself and share what are the things you do in Web Imp?

I’m Lawrence Low, the technial director for Web Imp. I am a backend developer, tech lead and enthusiastic geek who is keen in resolving business obstacles with the use of computer technology.

What sort of person are you? How would you describe yourself?

I believe in science and I personally embrace logical and critical thinking because it will help to shape us becoming a rational and reasonable person.

What was your journey into Web Imp?

I have always been curious on how an app works, how the data is being stored and the logic behind the scene. That is why I have chosen information system for my studies.

I was working as junior backend developers after I completed my internship in a software company. After gaining few years of experience, I felt ready to take on more challenges and to push myself further, that is why I joined Web Imp.

The journey has been bumpy but exciting. The learning curve of software development is never easy because there are thousands and one scenarios and every task is a challenge, thus it is never boring. From junior to senior and from senior to tech lead, the learning never stops.

What do you enjoy doing at web imp?

I love working with awesome colleagues, when their combined skills make one awesome team.

I enjoy guiding junior developers and seeing them grow. It gives me satisfaction especially when they achieve greater heights.

What do you think is the most challenging part of your job?

The biggest challenge for me is keeping up with technology, and time estimation.

Technology continues to grow; framework, tools or library might be deprecated as time goes by so it is crucial to keep up with the latest trend.

Time estimation is important in software industry because a lot of things are controlled by deadlines. Better planning and experience gained will help us to achieve that professionally.

What are some tips that you can provide to someone who wants to take on a role like yours?

Volunteer for extra work when you can. This is the way to grow and you will be able to learn and extend your capabilities. It is okay not to know everything but it is not okay to stop trying.

What are some of your work in Web Imp that you are most proud of, and why?

  • Singapore First Aid Training Centre (SFATC) web app:
    Being the frontend and backend, support and dealing with the client directly for this project has enabled me to gain exposure to the whole Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process.
  • IMX web app:
    The in-house customized ERP that is tailored to fulfill Web Imp’s business operations, reporting and analysis has enabled me to take charge and lead this project by managing and overseeing the development of this project from requirement until deployment stage.

(Learn more about what we do: Web Application Development)

  • WordPress projects such as BabyGraphy, Live Bessa, SGMEM:
    Supporting the frontend developers on backend related matters and provide solutions based on the business needs has level-up my analytical and problem solving skills.

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What are some lessons you have learned in Web Imp that you didn’t know before?

The 80-20 rule. I used to be running in all directions when it comes to software development. After I tried applying this rule in work, it helps to identify and focus the core requirements and functionalities that users be using most and set the priority accordingly.

What areas of growth did you see the most personal gain?

Problem solving and analytical skills. As the more exposure and experience gained, I am able to do a bit of research and suggest more alternative solutions based on the time or budget constraint and implement it accordingly.

What is your next goal in Web Imp?

To be a great leader who is able to help people to be their best and create great teams that do amazing work on time.

What do you wish to learn next, or have the chance to do?

I hope I could improve more on my timeline estimation, leadership skills and to explore more on business knowledge.

What is your favorite blog or Youtube channel where you get inspiration?

I like to watch this Youtube channel called TechLead.

What do you enjoy doing in your non-working hours?

I love watching tutorials from Linkedin Learning, Youtube videos, and some inspirational movies.

What are your core values and beliefs?

Pride, hardworking and responsibility. I believe we must be putting in enough efforts into our work and if we genuinely feel proud of it, only then our colleagues or clients will appreciate our work.

If we ourselves do not even have a sense of satisfaction towards our own work, no one would recognise your work as an achievement.

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