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What makes an E-Commerce site awesome?

Khairul Khairul • September 6, 2015
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Shopping online is no longer just a female-only activity.

As an E-commerce site evolves beyond the tradition, many male shoppers start to flock in and get their hands on the gadgets or fashion clothing they want through the online shopping platforms.

Being the owner of an E-Commerce site store, have you ever wonder what makes a good E-Commerce site?

Well, before we even talk about what makes an E-Commerce site awesome, it is important to understand the main objective of an E-Commerce site.

It has to make your product sell

This would definitely be the number 1 objective!

Why would you even have an E-Commerce site in the 1st place? It is to sell your products online efficiently. An E-commerce site must be able to make your product sell, and that is the only thing it should be doing.

Make your website visitors trust your e-commerce site

In order to complement point 1, you got to make your website visitors feel that they can trust you.

The 1st step before making them buy, is to gain their trust. Once you penetrate through that defensive barrier of your online customers, sales will start rolling in.

So, with the objectives laid out, we can now zoom into the elements that makes a good E-commerce site.

With that being said, it simply means fulfilling the objectives that we mentioned earlier: to gain trust, and sell.

Good User Experience (UX): Users can navigate easily to individual products

The user experience on an E-commerce site is extremely important. A good UX can increase the trust a customer has in you.

An experience is something that lets the customer feel, it is not just about nice visual designs, fanciful colours or products. It stirs emotions and emotions are something that people cannot forget.

With a good UX, it also allows your online customers to shop at ease, and find what they want easily.

Display relevant and clear information about your products

When people make a purchase, they hope to know as much as possible about the product before they pays.

Due to the limitation of interaction between the customer and the product on the web browser, the only source they can depend on to make the purchasing decision is the product description and the product image.

Hence, ensure that your product image are of high definition (even better with multi-angle views) and product description are detailed & elaborated.

Design for your customers

The rule of the thumb is to never let your visitors think. Although designs can be really subjective, you will never go wrong if you can revolve your website design around being customer-orientated.

It will be a constant process of testing to see what works best for your target audience group.

Always show the full bill

Be it product price, shipping fee, administrative fee or any other miscellaneous fees, it should always be transparent to your customers.

You would not want them to feel offended or feel cheated into buying the products.

Website security

Customers need to know that their credit card details are safe, thus it is important to let them know that the payment process is carried out under Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

Usually, there will be a pop-up in the browser window to ensure them that the area is secured along with the padlock icon.

Social media elements

One important factor is allowing your customers to be able to share your products on the various social media platforms.

As social media prevails the digital world, it is inevitable that we must not neglect the social elements in an E-Commerce site.

Apart from the shareable feature, e-Commerce site should also continue to interact with its customers via social media. This increases the connection between the consumers and your brand.

Colour and typography

Colour and typography is one the important elements in a web design, especially in an E-Commerce site.

The colours we see affect our buying psychology. For example, red represents energy, which creates urgency. It is often used in clearance sales.

A consistent typography can reinforce & strengthen the brand image in consumers’ mind.

Simplify the buying process

The last thing you want your customers to do is to scratch their heads, trying to figure out the procedure of checking out on your website.

This may turn customers away even they have the intention of buying your products. The complexity of checking out might just make them drop the idea of purchasing.

In a nutshell, the ability to sell is what defines an E-commerce site awesome.

Before we reach that goal, the nitty gritty are what equips your E-Commerce site with the necessary weapons to make the mark.

So start looking into all these details and make some sale!

Want to know more how a good e-commerce web is made up of? Watch our free video here.

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