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Top 5 E-commerce Solutions 2014

Khairul Khairul • September 6, 2015
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No doubt E-commerce solutions are so common nowadays.

According to U.S Department of Commerce, consumers spent more than $194 billion in the year 2011 alone! That is a staggering figure any businessman will not want to miss out.

Whether you do not have or already have E-commerce solutions, these can serve as an additional to what you have to provide.

These are some of the better examples of built-your-own-website using templates provided; add in features, customized them and finally publishing them.

It is simple and dummy-proof. All these with just less than $100 per month depending on what you need.

Even when you do have your website, you still can use some of the services such as third-party shopping cart software, analytical service, etc.

There are options that are very favorable to small-medium enterprises (SMEs), with hosted E-commerce solutions. These are more preferred as they do not require extensive programming skills, nor having web design knowledge and often very easy to use.

Most of these platforms are also very safe, high security to protect your customer’s details and privacy.

However with so many different platforms and websites offering E-commerce solutions, how to choose from? Let me enlighten you on the TOP 5 E-COMMERCE SOLUTIONS IN 2014!

Ability Commerce

First up is Ability Commerce. (What’s that?)

Well, it’s a E-commerce Solutions platform that allows its users to utilize a range of products, from Web Applications to Email Marketing, to even managing your finance in your website.

It also comes with Smartsite content manager; allowing users with no programming knowledge to change prices and images, etc on their site.

One of the most interesting features is Channel Feed service that manage products on Amazon.

Basically, once you decide what you want to sell on Amazon, submit the inventory and Ability Commerce Amazon experts will help you to monitor your products daily, positioning, motive buyers, ultimately boosting sales.

Prices are customized base on needs.

Big Commerce

The name speaks for itself, Big Commerce offer a huge range of variety from Site designing to mobile commerce, to SEO, to even inventory management, etc. It is more suitable for people that want their products on Ebay.

Simply choose the products and push them to Ebay, create an eBay listing template and custom eBay shipping. Your site inventory and eBay inventory is always sync too!

With things that sound good, it comes with a price too, but not to worry, Big Commerce comes with 5 different sets of pricing plans to suit your needs better.

Standard: $14/month
Plus: $79.95/month
Enterprise: Customized Pricing.


Homestead was initially named Intuit and they provide very simple and easy to build your own website with E-commerce Solutions.

Just like ordering a Subway sandwich, first choose your bread (design template), next add in your ingredients (customization, add in features, photos, etc), finally into the oven (publishing your site).

Another add-on feature of Homestead is that they have a Merchant Account which enable the user to do a lot more than just a simple website.

You are able to offer a lot more payment gateways, setting up a Facebook page for your business that automatically syncs your entire inventory on your site to your Facebook page.

Like any other site, it offers a few pricing plan that suit your needs.
Starter: $5.99/month
Business: $20.99/month
Business Plus: $60.99/month


Probably most people might have heard of this before.

It is one the stronger brands in its industry offering its users a variety of features on top of building your own site.

Like any other build-your-own-website platform, Shopify allows you to pick your template, customize your layout, add your products, etc.

It also offers its users to have build-in mobile commerce functions including iPhone app and mobile storefront. Users can also utilize its marketing tools such as SEO and coupon codes to aid them in selling their products.

Shopify also integrates Google Analytics into your site, allowing you to track information such as site visits, bounce rates, customer purchases, etc.

Starter: $19/month
Basic: $38/month
Professional: $102/month
Unlimited: $231/month


Vendio is a build-your-own-website E-commerce Solutions platform which focuses very much on automation.

You can put your products on Amazon, Ebay, Facebook, etc, simply by making a list of the products you want to sell and they will be simultaneously posted in all sites.

Features such as inventory management, sales management, email marketing, Google analytics, etc are also included in. Vendio-powered sites are also mobile friendly allowing visitors easy navigation when using mobile.

Vendio pricing comes with a variety of services and additional features. Of course the more you pay, the more features you have.

Starter: $24.95/month
Advanced: $39.95/month
Elite: $79.95/month
Pro: $99.95/month
Managed: $149.95/month
Premier managed: $249.95/month
Enterprise:  Custom pricing

All these being said, E-commerce solutions with the help of these platforms does not mean that you do not have to do anything at all and the business will sell itself.

Managing a business is tough work and requires a lot of attention, hard work, determination, marketing and everything a business need. These solutions only help lighten the weight of running a business.

Of course, off-the-shelf products do have it’s limitations. There are still a lot of things only customized E-commerce solutions developers are able to do.

Customized E-commerce on the other hand is highly more recommenced as it give people more flexibility.

Everything is built from scratch and you have a lot more control over it. Some off the shelf solution does not have the flexibility to integrate most 3rd parties software seamlessly too.

You can even integrate analytical such as Google Analytics in to it. Giving you valuable information on your site.

Want to know more how a good e-commerce web is made up of? Watch our free video here.

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