Free Website Builders for your E-commerce Business

With technology advancement and the rise of giant start-ups, opportunities are available everywhere and everyone has a website.

Everyone wants to start their own e-commerce business. Just a few weeks ago, I have people engaging me for an e-commerce business partnership, to run their business together.

It just seems so easy, to build an e-commerce business now, leveraging on drop-shipment, cheap goods from or even Aliexpress if you have a limited budget.

But the question is, how? How do we build an e-commerce business? How can we build an e-commerce business with a limited budget and not know much about complex programming codes?

Now, to start off we all know we need a decent website and here are some common features and web builder especially for an amateur.

Website template

Most website builders have a set of ready-made template for users to choose. If you need a professional look, they have it. Casual? It’s available too. Just simply need to browse through their catalogue of websites.

Mobile Editing

With most people getting internet access through a smartphone, a mobile version website is definitely a plus point.

You might want to take note if the free web-site builder allows you to edit into a mobile version. In some, they have a responsive theme, allowing your website to automatically be converted into a mobile version.


Domain names

Next, you definitely have a name for yourself. Make sure you note if the website builder allows you to have your domain in future.

But most site, it comes with a price. But for a start, you may sign up for free or trial and have a go creating your own website.


Lastly, you do want to note if you have support behind your back if you ever have any issue with your website or building a website. Be it a phone, email or live chat, you will always want a nice and reliable services.


Now, here are the comparison of popular website builders you may wish to tap on your own risk…

free website builder

Want to know more how a good e-commerce web is made up of? Watch our free video!

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