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Microsoft set on scalability, big data and AI

Rain Tan Rain Tan • June 2, 2016
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Missed Microsoft Developer Day on the 26th of May? 

Two of our web imps went to hear what Microsoft had to say, and I’m here to share their experiences with you.

The purpose of the conference was for Microsoft to communicate to the world of developers 1. Microsoft’s current position, 2. its directions forward, and 3. how developers can be a part of the Microsoft game plan.

Microsoft’s Current Position

Microsoft proudly presented Azure Machine Learning and Cortana Intelligence.

Azure Machine Learning is a fully managed cloud service that enables you to easily build, deploy, and share predictive analytics solutions with their app services, container services, big data, and solutions architecture.

Click here to get started with Azure

Cortana Intelligence allows you to take action ahead of your competitors by equipping you with the ability to predict what’s next, evolving simple descriptive analytics to prescriptive analytical recommendations.

Click here to see a growing community of developers and data scientists share their analytics solutions.

Microsoft’s Directions Forward

Khairul, our tech in-charge, explained that Microsoft is “democratising advanced technologies like AI and cloud computing for normal developers, not just the big boys Google, Dropbox, and Salesforce.”

Previously, only big companies like Amazon and Facebook were able to build their own AI engines. A large customer database provided the resources for them to do so.

Smaller companies, on the other hand, were at a competitive disadvantage as their inability to build their own AI engines limited their means to hit bulls eye with their potential customers.

Now that Microsoft is promising to scale down the task of building an AI to accommodate smaller businesses, the advantage that big companies once held, will no longer count.

How then does Microsoft intend make AI-building scalable?

By making big data accessible by various softwares, making it possible for businesses to build services on top of these data.

In other words, by adopting NoSQL technologies, which Microsoft Azure offers. 

Read here for an introduction to the NoSQL and SQL offerings from Microsoft.

Sinlee, our front-end designer, recalled that the speech by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made the highlight of the event.

Without fluff and grandiosity, Nadella conveyed Microsoft’s vision to create a world of bots in which Man, Bot and Thing interact with one another seamlessly in everyday life.

Simply put, gone are the days when we humans lose ourselves to technology through screens and keyboards.

Now is the time when technology starts changing itself to suit us, through intricate computing systems like voice recognition.

Read here for more about the Internet of Things.

Need I say more? Audience in the packed 2000-seater auditorium were more than pleased with what they were hearing.

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On the way to lunch!

Developers in the Microsoft game plan

Microsoft, like all technology companies big and small, has an ultimate goal to achieve higher levels of productivity and efficiency using technology.

Hence, Bizspark was introduced during the conference.

BizSpark gives startups 3 years of free stuff – software, services, tech support, and Azure cloud, as long as these startups propose innovative ideas to improve current ways of doing things.

For example, a man transferred all his theoretical and skills knowledge about massage into a computing system, creating a bot which was then able to perform the exact massage techniques on customers, without ever getting tired as the man himself does. And he received funding from Bizspark to do this!


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Microsoft Developer Day was indeed a day of celebration for developers. Keep yourself updated with technology, think far, and watch Microsoft bring AI to another level with greater scalability and big data utilisation!

If you want your business to join this high-technology scene, we can help you! Click here.

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