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Android VS iOS: Which side are you on?

Khairul Khairul • September 6, 2015
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Android VS iOS has to be the most debated topic in history. So which mobile application platform do you prefer?

These 2 have their differences; Android is open-source, users can do almost anything they want if they know how, while iOS, on the other hand, is very simple, great user interface and experience.

There will never be an ending to all the reasons that backed up these 2 giants.

I’m not here to take any sides or to tell which Android vs iOS, which is better? However, I’m here to give a piece of my mind and reasoning on why certain things are better in certain platforms.

Well, some may argue your way, I would only say this are solely my reasons, and you don’t have to accept them. Haters gonna hate, ain’t-ers gonna ain’t.

Well, these are my reasons for Android VS iOS.

Android#1: Apps.

The first point in Android vs ios, this is expected part of the argument but however why I think Android won in this case?

Many would disagree with me, iOS apps are friendlier and application developers tend to release apps on Apple store than on Google play (1 point for iOS).

Here’s the thing, Google play have more apps than Apple. Android has 1.5 million apps available for download, whereas iOS have 1.4 million (1 point for Android).

It not just because numbers, but it is due to the fact that Android have more third party apps for every activity you could imagine−thanks to a strong community with a great interest in modding. (Another point for Android.)

iOS#1: Media.

When it comes to Android vs ios in terms of media, the iOS win hands down no doubt about it.

Having the iTunes has a big leap over Android. Users can purchase music easily with a tap of a finger. They also can choose specific songs rather than to purchase the whole album. And Music is just a part of it!

Movies, shows, music videos, podcast are also available for purchase or rent through the iTunes store. Making a purchase has never been this easy.

While, on the other hand, Android does not have a decent music app similar or worth the fight with the iTunes, nor does it have an easy method of syncing with your computer. Probably Google might have plans with this problem?

Up until then, I enjoy what iOS can provide me.

Android#2: Community of customization.

Of course, how could we leave out this awesome capability?

Android has a strong community of tech enthusiasts that drive the platform.

Since Android is open-source, a large rooting (an action where the users are able to access to administrative level to customize stuff) community was formed.

This is in-depth stuff and not everyone knows how to do it. But for those who know how, its heaven.

They can have full control over everything and can tinker just about anything. They also can tweak hardware to replace its pre-installed software with their own so as to achieve more potential out of it.

In the case of iOS, it wouldn’t allow its users to access to all this, so as to protect them from unwanted adware, spyware or other forms of viruses.

Some iOS users, however, have illegally accessed all these by rooting their devices through jailbreak.

Of course, Apple would not recognize the warranty when the device is spoilt during when the device is jailbroken. Android vs iOS community, a definite win for Android.

iOS#2: Simplicity.

When we talk about Android vs iOS in terms of UX and UI, I always love the way iOS has built it products.

Apple spent tons of money on research on user interface and user experience. From unwrapping your device to sending a text message, everything is so simple and easy.

Give a 3-year-old an iPhone he can make calls, send text messages, and take pictures without having to learn anything. Give the same kid an Android, probably would take slightly longer time to figure things out.

There is absolutely no learning curve in iOS.

Even when you finally do not how to do something on the iOS, fred not, Siri is here to help you.

From setting your alarm, to making a reservation on a restaurant, to Google searches (talk about irony), Siri is there to help you. It’s just like your very own portable, personal butler!

Secondly, in terms of Androidvs iOS developers, iOS apps are easier to develop as compared to Android’s.

Why? This is because iOS apps only have one testing platform, Android on he other hands have many more testing platforms; touch screens, buttons, etc.

Android developers also faced another problem of more and more OS being released which is hard to catch up with. Apple update usually comes with more feature like Facebook integration, new maps, etc.

Android#3: Easy file management.

Haha, definitely a winner for Android.

Once you plug in your phone to your computer, everything is visible. You know exactly where your files are and you have the freedom to organize them the way you feel best.

You can have access to all your files easily. Adding and removing files is just clicks of your fingertips.

Apple does not give you this kind of freedom. I don’t even know where my music files are kept in, in fact, I don’t know where or how any of my files are kept in!

I’m not allowed to access any of them. The only files I know how to access are my photos and videos files. Even so, I could only remove them but can’t add new files.

Talk about frustrations! Android vs iOS file management? Goes to Android.

iOS#3: Airplay.

This wonderful, wonderful invention for the iOS makes life so much easier.

With Apple TV, you can listen to your music, play games, watch videos, and browse the net on your TV through your devices with ease.

Though there are many non-Apple alternatives to the Apple Airplay, none of them works so elegantly and intuitively as compared to Airplay.

Many products in the market also come with Airplay, which provides users with so much more exposure.

Even when you don’t own an Apple devices, there are actually several ways where your non-apple devices can access to your Airplay gadgets. Streaming has never been this simple.

Alright, folks, this concludes my Android VS iOS. It may not be much, but these are some of the stronger points which I personally agree to.

Of course, there are certainly bad issues with both platforms but still, nonetheless, they are still very good OS to use (Unlike windows phone, LOL).

It’s perfectly fine if you don’t agree with me, or have the dying urge to have a 1-on-1 debate with me, I’m not taking any sides and like I said, “Haters gonna hate, ain’t-ers gonna ain’t.

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