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How do mobile apps benefit your business? Check out our video below.

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If you are looking around for someone to develop your mobile app to bring your business to the next level, and you happen to chance upon our website, which you did. Then, congratulations, you are at the right place!

We plan and structure your mobile app development to facilitate the core purpose of the mobile app in your business. The branding of your business will be clearly portrayed in your mobile application. We have a team of mobile app developers in Web Imp to enhance the user experience of your mobile app design, making navigation around the app easy for your users. We also optimizes the conversion rate of your mobile application through clear call-to-actions.

So why wait to ride on the trend of mobile application for your business? Fill in the enquiry form above NOW to grow your business today!

Your Mobile App Development in 7 Steps

1. Understanding Your Business

Who's Involved
Web ImpClient
Both of Us
In the initial phase, we find out more about your business, your primary target audience, and your key value propositions. We will discuss the main purpose of your mobile application development to decide on the features and functionality to be in your mobile application.

2. Preparing Your Materials

Who's Involved
After requirements and features are set, this stage is the only thing you need to do, and do it well. Great things only happen when both hands claps. Send us your logo, photos, copy-writing, and any other materials you have on hand to aid us in this awesome mobile application development project of yours.

3. Commencing Your Project

Who's Involved
Web Imp
At this stage, our team of dedicated in-house mobile application developers will get cracking on your mobile app development. This includes coming up with the creative concept and theme of your mobile app design and integrating with the features of your mobile app.

4. Approving Project Milestones

Who's Involved
We will break down your mobile app development project into milestones, and at the point of completion of each individual milestone, all you have to do here is just give us the green light once you are satisfied with the development stages.

5. User Acceptance Testing

Who's Involved
Once your mobile application development is fully completed, you will do a final testing and check for any issues before we submit your mobile app to the respective app store for approval.

6. Deploying Your Application

Who's Involved
Web ImpClient
Both of Us
Approval of your app will usually take around one to two weeks. During this waiting period, we’ll invite you to a training session where you will learn how to manage your app, such as how to edit the contents, track traffic and manage inquiries, etc.

7. Giving Your Testimonial

Who's Involved
This last final stage is a kind gesture from you, leaving us a testimonial to thank us for the effort and sincerity we put in to make your mobile application development a better one.

Video Transcription

Mobile Application Script

What is that one essential thing found in everyone’s pocket today?

You are right! A mobile device. Forecasts have indicated that smartphone users will reach 2 billion by 2016. That is a huge number that you can’t turn a blind eye to. More and more businesses are making use of mobile apps to reach out to their customers. So how exactly does a mobile app help to grow your business?

Enhancing your website with the help of a mobile app will bring the following benefits:

  • Implant a deeper impression in your customers.

    • Your app logo on your customers’ phone will constantly remind them about you and your business, promoting brand loyalty.
  • Creates a direct marketing channel to your customers.

    • You can now send promotions or advertising notifications to your customers with a click of a button.
  • Enhances customer engagement.

    • Messaging, booking, or even scheduling features helps your customers with better user experience that encourages repeat sales.
  • Strengthens customer loyalty.

    • Your customers can log into their accounts via your mobile app to check out the points they accumulated and rewards that they can redeem, all at their fingertips! It is also hassle-free without the need for membership cards.
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors.

    • You have a mobile app to aid your business, your competitors don’t. It gives you a technological advantage over them.

What about a mobile app as an add-on to your E-commerce site? On top of the 5 benefits we have just mentioned, it also:

  • Enhances shopping user experience.

    • Needless to say, it is just like getting your customers to put your retail store in their pocket and shop as they go.
  • Effective implementation of flash deals.

    • Flash deals are new marketing strategies of attracting your customers to make the purchase quick, and as flash deals only last a period of time, a mobile app is able to notify all of your customers about the deal straight away, and enable them to take action.

Not all mobile apps are intended for the public or customers. Some mobile apps are used internally to streamline business processes and increase productivity. Native mobile apps can be used offline and synchronize when the connection is back, enhancing overall user experience. This ensures a seamless data entry and retrieval experience.

The trend is real, the wave is coming, do not hesitate anymore and grow your business with a mobile app in your arsenal.

At Web Imp, we have a team of dedicated in-house professional developers ready to assist you on designing the mobile app that suits your business. Check out all the awesome work we’ve done at, and drop us an enquiry to ride on the mobile wave today!