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7 things you need to know before building your mobile app

Khairul Khairul • September 4, 2015
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As you, like all other business owners rush in to join the competitive mobile app environment, it is good to take a few moments just to pay attention to some areas when creating a mobile application.

Analysts indicate that 95% of downloaded apps are abandoned within a month and 26% of apps are only used once.

As prospective as it seems to be, there are tons of apps which are abandoned every single day, and you certainly do not want your mobile app to join the App Graveyard.

A Feedback System will shape your mobile app

It is crucial that you provide ways for your users to provide feedback about your mobile app. Whether a link or a button, create an easy and quick process for users to offer suggestions or report bugs. This is especially critical during the app’s the initial phase.

With more and more users coming on board to use your mobile application, it is inevitable that your community of users have things to say about your mobile app’s functionality, interface and what needs to be improved.

Great mobile applications that are user-friendly are built on the solid understanding of their users’ experiences with the application.

On top of that, assign someone to read, respond and follow up to the comments and feedback to ensure that your users’ words are taken seriously, backed by actions taken to improve their user experience on your mobile application.

Users will also feel appreciated knowing that their input helped shape the future of the app.

Simplicity is key

We understand that it is really tempting to throw in a million of small, cool features so that the app can be as impressive as you think it will be. However, this is not the case most of the time.

Clogging up the screen with tons of features which your potential users will probably not be using, does not help at all. Focus on building the few key features that you want your users to use and nothing else.

Research shows that users stay longer on a simple app than on apps that are hard to navigate. Frustration is what turns users away and you certainly want to steer clear from that.

Hence, make your mobile app clutter free so your users can navigate quickly, efficiently and comfortably. Eliminate as many unnecessary clicks as possible. Remember, “Less is more”.

Content is King

In the competitive world of the mobile apps, the content of your mobile app needs to be fresh and up-to-date. You cannot simply expect your users to stay with you if your contents stand still for weeks.

There are just too many active apps in the market and users nowadays are constantly bombarded with information all around. You need to have new information which are presented interestingly to attract their attention.

If you intend to simply recycle the content in your website from time to time, there isn’t any incentive to use your mobile app. Give your users the incentive to visit your mobile app constantly by frequently updating popular and interesting information.

While doing this, remember to stay relevant.

Offline capabilities

Imagine how frustrated a user would be if an app is unusable simply because of a weak signal. Be it in the subway, in the tunnel, or in the basement of a shopping mall, there will be times when users do not receive strong signals.

Consider seriously how you can build content and interactivity that does not rely on a wireless signal. This will help to create a positive user experience, be it on the go, online or offline.

You would not want to be spending large amounts of time and effort building up and marketing the app, only to deter your users from coming back to your mobile app.

Easy Sharing Capability

Some experts recommend launching the user experience through social media login. Providing buttons to technology solutions like Facebook/Google Login, users are able to participate in social sharing more conveniently within their network of friends, at the click of a button.

It is usually the impulse to share something they are passionate about or something interesting that triggers them to spread the message to their social contacts.

On top of that, viewing sessions can be saved for a more direct continuation of browsing in your mobile app.

Design & Usability

Consider this: if a mobile app is neither user-friendly nor aesthetically pleasing, what are its chances of success? It is fundamental to take into account user interface while building the app.

A compelling mobile application should allow a user to perform an intended function intuitively and with little assistance, if any at all.

Optimising button sizes, font styles and colours will help create a more enjoyable user experience, thereby earning yourself bonus user experience points!

One of the ways to do this is to benchmark the general application hierarchy of popular apps like Instagram, Twitter etc.

Also, do not forget gestures, garnering your mobile app huge popularity.

Finally, the graphic design of your mobile app plays a significant role in captivating the eyes of the users. A great graphic design communicates your brand message clearly and creates a strong and impactful image towards your users.


A website without Google Analytics is like shooting arrows in the dark; you would not want to launch an app without proper analytics.

We can only manage things we can measure. Hence, in order for you to make informed and data-driven decisions towards improving your mobile app, you must first know what to measure.

Some of the common metrics to measure include: Retention Rate, Average Time Spent within the App, Daily Active Users, and App Crashes etc.

With these data, you will be able to make more precise improvements that move your mobile app one step closer to being a great app.


To sum it up, building your first mobile app can really be a challenging experience. However, with all these pointers in mind, you will be able to put your best foot forward and make sure your mobile app is ready for launch.

Once you have your mobile app listed on the app stores, it is time to market your mobile app and get it seen!

Want to know more about mobile application development? Find out here!

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