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“ As a business owner or a functional manager of a department, productivity is a matrix which you want to track to determine the effectiveness of your investment (spending, manpower etc). You have a vague idea of what you need and what you should/must have. You search around for an existing enterprise solution and found that you need to, more often than not, adapt to the solution instead of the other way round (despite the fact that they tell you its highly customizable). And above all, they are expensive to maintain on a recurring basis year-on-year. If this is you, then you are facing the same issue as i faced. i am working in a product development department for a reputable life science MNC with operations in Singapore. One of my role is to help my boss to manage the department finances and project portfolio. Despite having an existing enterprise solution, we faced the problem described above. That was how WebImp came into the picture. I gave them a list of requirements and just throw them an existing spreadsheet which we have been using (plus a whole load of other information). Amazingly, they are able to decipher the information and designed a system that has exceeded our expectations. You can tell that they are experience from the questions they asked and the additional features they suggested. Furthermore, they really put a lot of thought into the user interface to envision how the user will use the product. The end result is user friendly solution which can work hand-in-hand with our existing enterprise solution. And the beauty is, its cost-effective to maintain. If you need an solution to your problems, i will highly recommend WebImp. They have an experience team and will definitely provide you with a solution which delights. ”

How We Can Help

If you are looking around for someone to develop your web application to improve your business productivity, and you happen to chance upon our website, which you did. Then, congratulations, you are at the right place!

We are a Web application development company Singapore, specialize in helping businesses and organizations to optimize their business processes, such as payroll systems, managing of invoices, customer relationship management, inventory management, and many others. To craft out a highly effective web application for your entire chain of business process, we will assign an experienced business strategist and a team of web application developers in Web Imp to your web app development project. One extremely important factor we will be focusing on will be the user-friendliness of your web app. This allows your staff to adapt easily and reduce training time when they migrate over to the new system.

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Your Web Application Development in 6 Steps

1. Understanding Your Business

Who's Involved
Web ImpClient
Both of Us
In the initial phase, we find out more about your current business process, your primary users, and your objectives for the web application development. We will help you to design and craft out an effective web app to build on top of your current business system.

2. Commencing Your Project

Who's Involved
Web Imp
After finalizing the flow of your system, our team of dedicated in-house web application developers will get cracking on your web app development.

3. Approving Project Milestones

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We will break down your web app development project into milestones, and at the point of completion of each individual milestone, all you have to do here is just give us the green light once you are satisfied with the development stages.

4. User Acceptance Testing

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Once your web application development is fully completed, you will do a final testing and check for any issues before we deploy and integrate into your existing business process.

5. Deploying Your Application

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Web ImpClient
Both of Us
We’ll conduct training for your staff to facilitate the transition from the previous system to your new-age web application solution.

6. Giving Your Testimonial

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This last final stage is a kind gesture from you, leaving us a testimonial to thank us for the effort and sincerity we put in to make your web application solution a better one.

Video Transcription

Web Application Development Company Singapore Script

Having a user-unfriendly invoicing system or messy client relationship management? Or maybe an inefficient inventory management? Systems are integral to business successes but difficult-to-use systems waste time and lead to frustration.

With so many components making up a system, it is difficult for decision-makers to make meaningful interpretation of the data available, especially so when the components do not come together to give a full picture.

A fully-customized web application is a modern way of integrating your departments and its data seamlessly, thereby achieving organization of your business data that presents valuable insights. Termed as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), we call it Web Applications.

Here is a scenario to let you understand exactly how does a web app helps you in your business.

Peter owns an interior design firm. He is always going through tedious and manual processes of settling payroll for employees, calculating nett profit for every case he brings in, keeping track of invoices, managing his existing client base, following up on lost leads and supervising on-going projects.

Peter had tried some off-the-shelf systems to help him manage his business better. However these software handles each department separately which cause so much hassle to piece them up together. Furthermore, as these software are meant to fit most companies, there are some processes in Peter’s company which can’t be performed due to various software restrictions.

With improving productivity in mind, he came to us for a proposal. The first thing we discuss about is not what product we offer, but rather, what is his business about, his entire business flow and what he needs to make the current processes more effective and efficient. After understanding his business, we then design a fully customized web application tailored to his needs.

After the new system is being implemented, he can now generate an invoice easily and email to the client with a click of a button. His clients’ profiles, past invoices and projects are also well-managed in the Web App. He can even set up a loyalty or referral program for his existing clients if he desire to. Furthermore, he can look back at previous leads that he has yet to close, and follow up again. Email-marketing is just a click away.

Apart from customer management, Peter is now also able to calculate the exact profit that each case brings to his company. The system enables him to input a formula for material costing, labour costing, and commission for every case that he closes. With that formula, the system is able to auto-derive the nett profit for all the cases. He can also keep a tab on the progress of his clients’ projects so as to ensure that deadlines are met.

Handling payroll for his employees has never been this easy. Payroll is now auto-calculated as well, with formula attached to every employee which is in the database. E.g. the commission figure that he key in the formula for the case, will be added into the payroll of the respective sales employee he has.

Peter is now a happy man. No more complicated and troublesome invoicing system, messy client relationship management, loss of revenue due to forgotten leads, or delay of projects handover.

Productivity is one important aspect that every business needs to improve to stay competitive. Increasing productivity can reduce wastage of time and resources, which can be channeled into driving sales for the company.

At Web Imp, we have a team of dedicated in-house professional strategists and developers ready to assist you on building your integrated Web Application. Check out all the businesses process we’ve helped improve at www.webimp.com.sg, and drop us an enquiry to increase your business efficiency today!

“ They have the speed and experience to guide us through a solution. ”

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