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Things to note when engaging mobile application development company

Khairul Khairul • September 4, 2015
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Is mobile application development necessary in your company?

In this modern society, our daily lives are revolving around our smart devices hence resulting a large collection of mobile apps being developed in the market.

Businesses are also beginning to shift their focus towards being technological savvy, with mobile apps to increase their sales and customer engagement to maximize every opportunity.

However, due to diversified mobile application development companies, the services they offer ranges from different prices, quality, customer service etc.

Undeniably, customers are spoilt for choice.

As individuals, we will logically choose the vendor who is able to deliver the best quality with the most reasonable price, and with the best service.

If you are lucky enough, you will be able to find a good vendor who is able to deliver a well-executed and highly welcomed app by customers for you.

Likewise, on the other hand, for poorly developed apps, users have no reasons to keep it on their phones.

Therefore, mobile application development qualities makes a different for your users’ choice.

How should we actually determine which is the best mobile application development company to engage?


A good mobile application development company will be able to showcase a variety of their past portfolios that they have done for their clients, ranging from iOS to android applications, apps for different industries.

Companies with good testimonials from their clients will be a good consideration as well.

Strong expertise to develop the app

A good mobile application development company should have a strong and talented tech team with excellent mobile UX/UI designers and developers to deliver the best outcome.

Top notch companies would even offer marketing strategies and expertise to drive results, the whole process does not stop after the app is developed.

One type of company that is highly un-recommended are companies who outsource the project off-shored.

The quality of the app is usually compromised in such companies, and furthermore, they are just earning your money as a middle man.

You don’t need to incur these unnecessary costing.

Cost of developing your mobile app

Budget is a subjective issue, different companies have different budget when it comes to allocating of resources.

Plan and set your budget well before you embark on the journey of seeking the right vendor to develop your app.

However, do note that quality comes with price, don’t expect fantastic job done when your budget is low.

Check out the market rate for a relatively good app company or even a fantastic company, if your budget cannot match the rate, we suggest that you shelve your plan aside for a mobile app development, as there is no point to force out a sub-standard app without a good budget.

Duration and milestones of your mobile application development

Get the milestones of your mobile application development broken down specifically, and the timeline to fulfill each milestones.

Apart from punctuality of project delivery, you can also plan the marketing for your app well if the vendor you engage is able to give you such specific timeline, of course it comes with the condition that they keep to the promise they made.

If you are not urgent for your app, try not to squeeze a tighter timeline from your vendor.

Quality is ultimately more important, so long as the timeline they gave is reasonable, and they keep to it as close as possible, give them time to do your app well.

The tiers between you and the development team

How many tiers are there between you and the development team determines how fast you can make changes and updates to your mobile app.

Of course, the communication will also be more effective with minimized failed translation of ideas.

Many a times, what comes out is different from what you told the company, the issue is perhaps due to having too many tiers of communication.

You told the account manager the idea and plan you have, and when it is communicated to the project manager, 80% of the content is left, then to the technical lead, and lastly to the developers.

Thus, it is extremely important to keep the communication tier as low as possible.

Customer support

This is one extremely important factor that you need to emphasize on during your search for a mobile app developer.

The vendor for your mobile application development shouldn’t be just a vendor, they are your partners in your business as technology becomes an essential tool in today’s business world.

Any changes or upgrades you need, you should be able to reach them easily and they must be available anytime to assist you on that.

Of course, you can’t expect your vendor to provide lifetime customer support and service without charges. Just ensure that the annual or monthly charges are reasonable and you are good to go!

We have come across many companies that engage the wrong company to develop their mobile app, and in the end, things don’t go well despite them forking out heavy investments.

With all these points in mind, you can save a lot of hassle in getting the wrong company, and subsequently changing your vendor till you meet the right one.

Want to know more about mobile application development? Find out here!

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