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11 Examples of the best website design in Singapore

Khairul Khairul • January 21, 2016

If you ever wondered:

best website design in singapore

“Walao! I can’t find any nice web designs in Singapore.”

“Are there any examples of really nice looking website design in Singapore?”

“Where are the best website design in Singapore?”

“What design makes a really cool website?”

Or you just need some web design inspirations.

Well I’ve good news for you.

My team and I did some research and this is what we’ve found.

We came up with a list of best website design in Singapore!

(I know the angmoh and the Merlion photo don’t make sense, but it was funny right? Haha. )

Visual Mass

Visual Mass Home page

This is quite a cool e-commerce site that sells spectacles.

When you first entered the site, you noticed the same old slider. Nothing new.

But wait, there’s more.

Continue scrolling and you will realize that every time you hover around the spectacles, it enlarges and also provide more information.

visual mass

Icons are all very interactive, sleek and clean. (I’m a sucker for minimalist design.)

All the photos are damn solid – all self taken by them (Don’t you hate site with stock photos? Urgh.)

And it is because the photos are so well taken, it makes me want to go down to their physical shop just to see how nice it is.

Oh yes, I must highlight a problem many did not realise they face.

Most people don’t realise that the first impression of your website matters a lot.

Your visitors need to know what you are selling the second they land on your side.

The MOST IMPORTANT part of a website is the area above the fold on the home page.

That area is your first impression of your business.

Visual Mass did a great job over here. Pictures of spectacles at above the fold of their home page.

“This website is definitely selling spectacles.” Was my first impression of the site.

Oh yes, other MUST HAVE elements on your site. You definitely need them. (I have covered this topic in this web design and development video.)

Site: Visual Mass

Amber Avenue

Amber Avenue

You know what’s my other weakness?

Big, Bold picture.

Yes, those in-your-face picture.

It really captures my attention. (Of course lah, it has to be nice pictures, not some crappy picture captured with a lousy phone.)

Ladies! I don’t know about you, but I like sites with nice pictures.

It is simply telling you, that you will look awesome in this red dress in this nice garden. (Super Insta-worthy right??)

product filter

Oh yes, I love how you can filter the products, customer like me will appreciate it.

You could even sort by cheapest to expensive! (Oh yeah, cheapest on top!)

Site: Amber Avenue

School Of The Art Singapore (SOTA)


You know what I hate about school websites?

It is soooooooo boring! (Probably that’s why I didn’t like school, haha.)

Trust me, Google any school, your own school, and place them side-by-side with SOTA.

Your school’s site will probably be Yawnnnnn.

SOTA did a wonderful job.

Well you can argue that it is because it is an art school, that’s why they are more design orientated.

At least they are serious about the making the sites pleasing to the eyes right?

Everything is colorful in its site, a little too colorful I think.

Wait! Before you say,“Walao, not colorful cannot, colorful also cannot. What you want?!”

I’m not saying it is bad, but there are too many contrasting colors.

At first glance, I couldn’t see the words properly.

The slider would look so much more awesome if they dim/gradient the picture a little. The words would stand out.

Call-to-action (CTA) is also well-designed. CTA is extremely important in web design. It tells the users what to do when they are in your site.

The whole site is very visual! It definitely stand out from other school’s site.

Site: SOTA


50 on 50

I love web design with many interracial design.

50 on 50 is probably the most Singapore website you can find on the internet.

It is a site just solely to celebrate SG50.

When you land on it site, hover over the 4 people and a simple idea animation appear. (Cool eh?)

Only when you scroll further down, the menu appear. This way, the site is able to achieve a very clean visual of the home page when visitor first visit. (Brilliant!)

Drop down

Notice how great it look when you click on the “Themes” tab? Icons of different categorizes! (Don’t you love icons too?)

Site: 50on50

Runaway Bandits

runaway bandits home page

This is very interesting layout.

Menu-on-top are so 2010s. This site have their whole menu on the left side.

Very clean and well design. (Although I do personally prefer the menu not taking up so much space.)

Probably if they could reduce the size down to about 70% of what they have right now, it might look better.

Pictures could also occupy a bigger space.

Runaway bandit expand

Ahhh here it is. Their product page.

Its a scale down of the main menu, looks much better, more visual of the products.

Focus on what is important. (Not the menu!)

Site: Runaway Bandits 

 The White Rabbit

the white rabbit

No outline of menu? Looks great to me!

Well honestly, the first look of this site I thought this site was about nature reserve or something that is related to nature.

Take a guess what this site is about. (Come on, see if you can guess correctly.)

Well, tuns out, it is a site about food!


The white rabbit is the name of the restaurant!

No idea why they brand themselves towards nature, but it definitely caught my attention.

The picture you saw is actually a short video overlooking the trees above. (With sound of nature playing in the background too!)

Although I don’t recommend having the area above the fold of your home page to be irrelevant from your business. (Wouldn’t it be better if it is a video about food preparation?)

Using a single page layout, it is neat and tidy.


Scroll down further you finally able to see pictures of food. (Yay!)

Food is my ultimate weakness.

Show me a nice photo of a food, that’s it.

I will bow down to you.


I love websites with really nice pictures.

It shows that the site’s owner is serious about whatever he/she is selling.

Web design is not only about functionality of the site, or whatever cool features it have.

Remember, ultimately you want to please your visitors.

Give them a picture of a mouth-watering food, they will bow down to you. (Trust me.)

Site: The White Rabbit



This is really an awesome website.

Qanvast featured

Not only the design is fantastic, the website concept is amazeballs!

Scroll down further you will see “Featured Projects”

It shows the cost, size and also what kind of house.

So what is that all about?

Qanvast 2

So, every now and then the website will feature someone’s interior design of the house.

Click in, you will have a full details of the interior design.

This is really cool. Landed, 4 bed rooms, 280m sq. I love the icons to represent these figures!

More info

But wait, there’s more.

I like the way they display all these info.

Short, simple, digestible.

Web designer should always have the site visitor’s interest in mind when designing the site.

After reading this far, you might have guess it – I’m a visual guy.

I love elements that shows that the designer have invested time and effort into it.

Qanvast menu

You know what is my favorite part of this site?

The drop down menu’s icons!

OMG, doesn’t it look freaking incredible?

This clearly shows the designer behind this is passionate about what he/she is doing.

He/she knows well about this industry. It’s all about visual.

Nice stuff attracts people.

Damn, such a simple yet impact-ful design!

Probably one of my favorite site in this list so far!

Site: Qanvast 

Lasalle School of Arts


I realize only art schools bother to put in effort into web designing.

Lasalle is another art school in Singapore.

Grids/tiles layout has been popular choice among web designers.

If you would like to know more about trending web design layouts, check this out Web Design Trends.

Lasalle did a good job with grids layout.

With this, it can display many different information and bigger grids are able to show that they are more important.

Lasalle 1

In this case, we know that the web designer want us to click on “Diploma in Music” and “Application Now Open!”.

These are kinda like a call to action (CTA) buttons, but subtle.

Love it.

Pro Tip: If you need to display many information, or you don’t know what information to display, Grids/tiles layout is the way to go. Just remember that the size of the grid will carry more weigh than the rest. Oh yes, do not have too many sizes for the grids, 2-3 sizes will be optimal.

Site: Lasalle

The Cat Cafe

The cat cafe

Cats. The reason why there is internet.

This is also another popular layout within web designers.

Animated videos at the home page (above the fold).

When you reached the website, the video auto plays. Love it.

Sliders are so yawnnnn.

Videos are the way to go!

It is a video about all their cats in the cafe.

If you’re someone who likes cats. Perfect.

If you’re someone who likes cafe-hopping. Perfect.

If you’re someone who like both, Sibei Perfect.

Sites with videos, automatically captures visitor’s attention. (And it also increase time spent on site too!)

One of my favorite web design layout.


I notice something super strange.

There’s this white space right below the video.

I have no idea why.

Probably the site owner didn’t maintain the site properly.

Well in any case, business is important. But do not forget your site. 

I always tell people to treat their website as a new business in the online world.

Many people have a misconception that having a website will automatically generate traffic and sales to you.

How I wish this is true. (Unfortunately it isn’t.)

You need to shower tender, love, care onto it.

What kind of picture captures my visitor’s attention? How changing this CTA will increase my sales? Is using this layout suitable for my industry?

Remember, having a website is no big deal. It is never gonna give you sales if you do not equip it with the necessary elements. You need to know what is your purpose of your website and constantly improve on it.

Site: The Cat Cafe

The BOLDR Watches

the boldr watches

Remember that I’m a sucker for minimalist?

There it is.

Clean, neat, big pictures, and most importantly, the CTA is very clear.

You know what they did great about the site?

Close up pictures with details of the watch.

What I like about this layout is:

  1. Minimal
  2. Close-up pictures of products.
  3. Pictures are all in the background. It sorta sub-consciously showcase its products while at the same time able to focus on it’s goal. (Which in this case will be to join it’s mailing list.)

Pro Tip:¬†If you’re selling products that have incredible¬†details (Watches, figurines, jewelries, etc), I highly recommend to go for this layout.

Emma stone yumm

Pictures that focuses on details are YUMMMMMM!

The well-designed of the site converted me.

I was ready to buy it’s watches.

Funny thing though, the site does not have any place to purchase it. (Damn, a potential customer but no CTA to buy. I don’t need your damn mailing list!)

It turns out, the business was on Kickstarter but for some unknown reasons, they cancelled the funding.

Apparently, they discontinued the business. (What a shame.)

Site: The BOLDR Watches

Go Bear

Go bear

I chanced upon this site through some banner advertisement when I drove past Clark Quay the other day.

You know what captured my attention?

Yeap the bear. (Colorful and cute.)

It stood out well in the city. (Where everything is busy and lifeless.)

I was even more impressed by it’s website.

The website is kinda cool. I love the contrast of the colors.

Go Bear

You know when they emphasize a lot on branding, when they go through the time and effort to design their mascot for different products. (really cute!)

User interface is great too. Everything is simple and not lengthy.

Site: Go Bear


I showed you 11 websites from Singapore that I thought was kinda cool in web design. Of course, not all are perfect. 

Let’s recap what we went through today.


We know that CTA is one the most important element your website MUST have. Other equally important elements are in this web design and development video I made. I highly recommend you to check it out. It is a simple yet powerful video to learn.

Above the fold, home page.

Let your visitor know what are selling at this area. Do not mislead them irrelevant things. (I know you have an awesome video about nature, but you’re selling food and not trees right?). This area is your chance to create a good impression about your site. Make sure to utilize this area well!

Real Pictures, not stock.

Ang Moh Stock photo

Please, I beg you. Stock photos is literally the worst. Take for example, you’re looking for printing service in Singapore. You land on site with a stock photo of Ang moh smiling. Will you engage their service? You probably seen the same ang moh in many other sites and you know definitely that ang moh is not their customer. You will be thinking “You think i stupid? The ang moh is not your customer. Are you trying to lie to me?

Seriously, stay away from stock photos.

If really cannot, at least find an asian stock photo lah! Self-taken photos are the best.

Your website is your business.

Can’t be more blunt than this. Love it. Care for it. Maintain it. Make sure you’re constantly always trying to improve it. Because I’m going to tell you, your competitors are always updating their site. So if you don’t, you will lose out.

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