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Digitally Transform your Business with Web Imp and Advocado

Wilson Wilson • May 28, 2021
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With the COVID Pandemic, and now Circuit Breaker Phase 2 Heightened Alert, digitalising your business takes priority more than ever. Digitalising your business is a marathon, especially for those with little to none online presence. 

Since last year, there is an upward trend of businesses seeking online refuge to boost their business revenue with the brick-and-mortar model being badly affected. The convenience of online shopping allows consumer to shop with a peace of mind knowing that they are safe in their own homes. An E-commerce platform will not only aid you during this pandemic to sustain your business revenue, but also a good opportunity to propel your business further even after the pandemic. Let’s keep our fingers cross and hope this can all be over soon.

Partnership Between Web Imp And Advocado

We have been working closely with one of our key partners, Advocado for the past 5 years. Advocado is a leading Cloud CRM SaaS for retailers in South East Asia that encompasses an all-in-one CRM system that allows retail businesses to run customisable membership programs across their business platforms. 

By now, you should probably know that Web Imp is a tech firm which enable digital transformation through intuitive UX/UI design, reliable web and mobile development, and cost effective digital marketing campaigns. E-Commerce is one of the many services we provide to our clients, which is usually the first step in the marathon of digitalisation. 

Today, we are extremely excited to announce that the two firms have come together to forge a stronger partnership with the mission to provide more value for our clients: A powerful and seamless integration of E-Commerce and cloud CRM SaaS. 

How Web Imp’s E-Commerce and Advocado’s Cloud CRM Can Help Foolproof Your Business During the Pandemic.

When you have your own E-Commerce website, the journey of brilliant storytelling begins and you attract and build customers’ desire to buy your products and services. We specialises in building E-Commerce platforms for our clients with the expertise in WooCommerce. Since WooCommerce is an open-source platform, it allows you to have ownership and more control of your E-Commerce operations. With the wide array of plugins available in the WooCommerce community, we are here to help you build the features you require, at the most cost-effective investment. 

Advocado’s Cloud CRM allows you to enroll your customers easily by simply using their mobile number. The hassle-free process increases enrolment of retail customers when Advocado is adopted by businesses. Apart from retaining customers’ loyalty, their robust Cloud CRM solution suite enables businesses to drive customer acquisitions by launching campaigns easily within seconds.

Most businesses face the challenge of bridging the gap between online and offline campaigns. With solving this problem in mind, Web Imp and Advocado have co-developed a seamless plugin that integrates WooCommerce and Advocado Cloud CRM solution brilliantly. Not only can you now push for the digital business transformation process and results that you yearn for, you will solve two problems, at only at the fraction of market cost: building a strong E-Commerce foundation and rewarding the customers with a fuss-free CRM on the E-Commerce platform you have embarked. It is truly a marvel to go 360 digital with Web Imp and Advocado! 

E-Commerce supercharged with Cloud CRM

Productivity Solutions Grants (PSG) have helped many businesses to kickstart their digitalization journey with huge subsidy support provided by the government. Web Imp’s E-Commerce solution and Advocado’s Cloud CRM are both PSG pre-approved solutions with up to 80% funding support. 

With the second wave of Circuit Breaker Phase 2, it is crucial to take action now to transform your business digitally. Having an E-Commerce storefront by Web Imp and Advocado’s AI-Ready CRM, you will be ahead of the pack, despite an extremely competitive E-Commerce world.

In light of our partnership, Web Imp & Advocado has decided to come together to give you an irresistible deal if you were to sign up for the winning combination of Web Imp and Advocado’s PSG solutions. Just fill up the form below to find out more! 

By filling up this form, you are agreeable to letting Web Imp and Advocado’s strategists reach out to you. 

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