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How Reveres reduced IT costs by switching to Dropbox Business

Wilson Wilson • March 25, 2020
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Case study: Reveres Management Associates

From external hard drives to local servers, small businesses have to find ways to securely store sensitive files, databases, and to backup important documents.

Many businesses in Singapore face a problem of mounting upkeep fees, ageing server hardware, and maintenance woes when dealing with internal file storage.

That is why Web Imp has partnered with Dropbox to offer enterprise level cloud storage solutions for SMEs in Singapore.

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We spoke to Mr Nai Kheng Wah, a Manager from Reveres Management Associates, about their transition from using Network Attached Server (NAS) to Dropbox for their company’s data storage needs, and how the company benefitted from Dropbox.

Background of Reveres Management Associates

Reveres Management Associates Pte Ltd is a Human Resources Management Consultancy firm established in 1987.

Reveres represents a one-stop service provider for Human Resources (HR) Services, specialising in Executive Search, Local and Foreign Recruitment, HR Advisory, Total HR and Payroll outsource services.

They have worked with both SMEs and huge multi-national companies locally and in the Asia Pacific region.

A short interview with Reveres Management Associates

Web Imp: What problems/challenges did you face? 

Kheng Wah: We have been using NAS (Network Attached Servers) and servers for our data backup and it was maintained by our outsourced IT support. We were charged quite a high amount to maintain the servers and NAS.

At the same time, as the machinery has been in use for quite a few years, we have been experiencing breakdown and disc corruption on our NAS. It is very frustrating and the down time caused great negative impact to our business.

Our IT vendors asked us to upgrade our servers and NAS but that would cost us more that $15,000 to do it which does not make sense for our business.

Web Imp: Which feature of Dropbox Business attracted you to start implementing it in your business?

Kheng Wah: I was introduced to Dropbox Business at a seminar conducted by Web Imp.

Web Imp held a Dropbox seminar on 29/11/2019

I was using the usual Dropbox free services before I was introduced to the Business version. I was impressed with the unlimited storage space which is attractive to our business as we keep a lot of resumes and datas.

I was also attracted to the user-friendly feature whereby I have full control of the staffs access to data and also the documents that they are retrieving for access.

I also liked the feature whereby I could retrieve older version documents if I accidentally deleted it. 

Web Imp: What was the process of implementing Dropbox into your business?

Kheng Wah: The process of implementing Dropbox into our business was seamless.

I can do it on my desktop without any IT professional assistance. I was given an hour training by WebImp staff and I am able to give all the access right and segmentation of all the files.

After I have settled the access rights, individual staff can start to upload all the documents into the Dropbox. The whole process was done in a day seamlessly.

Web Imp: Did you meet any issues when implementing Dropbox?

Kheng Wah: The implementation is quite seamless. We had some minor issues of files transferred to other folder which we have to search for it.

Web Imp: How did you overcome the challenge?

Kheng Wah: Basically it’s just housekeeping and we had no issues implementing Dropbox.

Web Imp: How did you benefit from transitioning over to Dropbox?

Kheng Wah: By transitioning to Dropbox, we are able to reduce our cost of managing our IT by quite a substantial amount. We do not require to have any servers or NAS and worried about the hardware getting obsolete.

We also transferred our cybersecurity risk to Dropbox instead of having it in our own premises. We definitely do not have the capability and resources to manage our own cybersecurity.

We are also able to know the manage the access and rights of our staff with ease. In the past, we are unable to do so in the server as it is quite complicated to do it without IT knowledge.

With the unlimited storage, we are able to archive all our files into Dropbox and retrieve with ease when we need it. We can also grant access to our subsidiary in Cambodia to be a user and we can share file with ease and also control the flow of information in Cambodia. 

Web Imp: Thank you for this interview, and for your inputs and experience with using Dropbox.

How did we help Reveres?

We are pleased to help Reveres transform their data storage and access needs by implementing Dropbox Business.

When companies rely on NAS servers to store and backup their company data, it creates a number of inefficiencies and risks.

  • NAS servers need to be placed in a physical location like your office, and there is a risk of power outage corrupting data, or human error causing malfunction.
  • There are more hoops to jump through if you want your team to be able to easily access the data stored within, which makes it harder to do online collaboration remotely
  • In times like the Coronavirus crisis, where workers are told to work from home, NAS servers make it harder for the whole company to retrieve, access, and backup their files
  • NAS servers will slowdown due to wear and tear over time, and the cost to get a new server can be costly. Furthermore, the hassle of migration of data is a downtime for the business

When Reveres transitioned to Dropbox Business, they managed to overcome these limitations of traditional onsite servers.

dropbox smart worspace

The best part about using Dropbox Business is that it isn’t just a secure cloud storage solution with unlimited space, it is also a collaboration tool for the organization.

Companies like Reveres will finally be able to have their team collaborate on files from wherever they are. It truly is a smart Workspace that can change how your business adapts to the new online age (also known as digital transformation).

We are just glad that Reveres transited from NAS server to Dropbox Business at start of the year before the Coronavirus hits the world hard.

Web Imp has helped us save cost by introducing us to Dropbox for our storage and it proved to be very user friendly. I will definitely recommend to all my friends and associates.

Posted by Nai Kheng Wah on Monday, 2 March 2020
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Talk to our digital strategists if you want to find out how you can implement Dropbox Business for your company.

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