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How HelloSign Empower Businesses in 2022

Wilson Wilson • March 17, 2022
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HelloSign is a secure and legally binding digital signature app that reduces paperwork significantly. You can use it to send, receive, and manage eSignature requests for contracts. 

But HelloSign is more than eSignatures. In this article, we will talk about how you can streamline your business process, increase productivity, and even close sales deals faster. This article will be particularly relevant to you if your business deals with lots of paperwork and needs a way to streamline the process.

We’ll touch on:

  • Automating hiring and onboarding of new employees.
  • Shortening the sales cycle by streamlining sales contracts and proposal signing.
  • Sending out legally binding signatures faster with templates (protecting all parties). 
  • Eliminating manual, repetitive admin work.
  • Improving productivity with HelloSign & Dropbox

Automating Hiring Processes with Templates

The template feature can save you a lot of time with high-volume documents like sales contracts, NDAs, hiring agreements, or any documents requiring signatures, such as a proposal. 

With HelloSign, you can turn your documents into templates for reuse. Once you have the template ready, you can assign roles. What are roles? It’s a feature that lets you assign the people who have to sign the document in the correct order. You can then drag and drop signatures, initials, names, and text fields to the proper position.

Let’s see how we can use this feature to automate a new employee’s hiring and onboarding process to make this clearer. 

E.g., Company A hires ten people per month, and the paperwork for each new hire is manual and slow. As a result, potential hires either sign up for another company or are slow to be onboarded, reducing productivity. 

But using HelloSign, company A was able to automate this using the Templates and Roles feature. Here’s how: 

They upload their hiring agreement into HelloSign’s Template and insert the required signature and name field.

Subsequently, they assigned the roles required: the hiring manager, hiree, and business owner (with the same signing order).

The eSignature request will go out to the manager first and automatically forward to the hiree once the manager signs it, and finally to the owner as soon as the hiree signs it. HelloSign will automatically track every step and notify HR of the status, significantly speeding up the time-to-hire process.  

After setting up the template, it takes two simple steps to complete the whole process:

  1. Input the names and emails of everyone involved
  2. Click send.

And if you need to customize the document, it’s easy to edit your templates. 

The process is more straightforward if your documents have no multiple parties or roles required. Essentially, any forms that don’t need pre-filled forms or multiple stakeholders like approval of new clients and contract renewals.

Just create a template with one signer and grab the template link. You can then share the direct document link with anyone to sign. HelloSign will track who opened, viewed, and signed the documents. Which is the feature we will talk about next.

Tracking Your Contracts & Proposal Signing

Do you have so many documents that you lose track of them?

It’s hard to keep track of the location (which folder?), status (is this signed?), and the next action (who else needs to see or sign on this?). It can be overwhelming to keep track of everything, so HelloSign helps you keep track of everything. 

HelloSign also tracks whenever someone views or signs your contract and sends an email notification to you whenever someone takes action on the document. And if they forgot to sign? Traditionally you would have to remind them manually, but HelloSign automatically reminds the signee for you. 

You can imagine how helpful the auto-reminders are to expedite any business process.

For example, the client signs the purchase order. Then, your fulfillment team automatically gets notified to start the client onboarding process. Plus, not to mention, digital signatures save you 80% of the time compared to sending physical documents. 

But some people worry about the legality of digital signatures. The short answer is that it is legally binding, but it depends on the local laws. 

Legally Binding eSignatures

HelloSign’s Audit Trail complies with many international and local digital signature laws.

The audit trail provides proof and flow of document view, access, and signature. That means it’s legally binding even if the person is not signing the document before you or a lawyer (however, HelloSign also offers in-person signing). The PDF is also tamper-proof because a transaction log, which uses hashing technology, records all activities. 

HelloSign tracks the time, date, recipient’s details, and location (IP address) for each activity done on the document. 

Because of the audit trail, HelloSign eSignatures are legally binding in the United States, European Union, United Kingdom, and many other countries. In general, HelloSign is legal in countries where eSignature is legal and meets the local law’s requirements. 

HelloSign is also certified compliant with many international eSignature and privacy laws, including eSign, GDPR, and eIDAS. Because of this, swamped legal departments are using HelloSign with NDAs, shareholder agreements, disclosures, and many more. 

To find out if HelloSign is legal in your country, you can check here:

HelloSign Mobile App

The mobile app allows you to take HelloSign everywhere. You can send and request eSignatures, track and receive notifications on eSignatures status on the go. With the app, you and your team can quickly sign off on agreements with their phone, anywhere, anytime. 

It’s also more visible on the mobile app than on emails (buried under a deluge of emails). 

In many industries, speed is of the essence, especially for sales, making a mobile app an essential tool in the sales arsenal. 

For example, an insurance broker waiting for paperwork might lose the sale to a faster competitor. With the app, the broker can modify the contract, if required, on the spot, and the signee can sign on their mobile phone immediately on their browser. This is just one example of how digital signatures can help increase sales by decreasing the sales cycle and improving the completion rate.

Integrations With Popular Apps

HelloSign integrates with popular business apps like Google Drive, Salesforce, DropBox, etc. 


Since HelloSign is a Dropbox company, the integration is deep and seamless. For example, you can send agreements right within Dropbox. Once the contract is signed, it automatically gets added to your Dropbox or other content management system integrated with HelloSign. That means your contracts are not only synced to all stakeholders but are easier to find since they’re all organized in one place.

Dropbox Business has a robust file permission and activities protocol in place. You can assign view, comment, or edit permission for teams or individuals. You will also receive notifications if someone views, edits, moves, or deletes sensitive files. That means team collaboration is faster and easier. 

Also Read: The Ultimate Guide to Dropbox Business Features

Google Drive

Aside from Dropbox, HelloSign also integrates with Google Drive. Once you’ve connected your Google Drive to your HelloSign account, you can sign or send a signature request right within Google Drive.

However, it’s easy to access Google Drive files on as well by importing the documents. And once the document is signed, it’s saved on both Hello Sign and Google Drive. 


HelloSign also integrates with Microsoft OneDrive, Word, and Sharepoint. That means you can effortlessly sign and send signature requests without leaving OneDrive or Word. 

Your Word document will also be seamlessly saved into OneDrive for easy access and management. And all of the security features of HelloSign, like Audit Trail, is still available even if everything is done on Microsoft Office.

Finally, SharePoint integration further streamlines workflow and contracts management. That means you can collaborate, send, sign, and save documents without breaking your workflow on SharePoint. No toggling back and forth between SharePoint and HelloSign.


With Salesforce integration, your sales team can send customized contracts for signature within Salesforce. The fields are auto-populated, and signatories are automatically assigned with customers’ data in Salesforce. This simplifies contract workflow and helps your sales team to focus on closing deals, not paperwork. 

Salesforce workflow and contract management combined with HelloSign’s features mean that low-value admin work is reduced to the minimum. And this means faster and more revenue while improving customers’ experience. In fact, integrating HelloSign into Salesforce has been proven to improve sales team performance by up to 45%

There are 19 integrations at the time of this writing; you can see the list here. In addition, HelloSign is integrated with Zapier, which connects more than 3,000 apps if you need more integrations. 

Security, Privacy, and Management

With all of your contracts in one place, you might be worried about security. Don’t worry because HelloSign has robust security protection and features.

Here are some of their security measures:

  • 256-bit AES and TLS encryption
  • 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Tamper-proof documents
  • Signer access codes
  • Single sign-on (SSO)

And also, as an extra precaution, the ability to turn on the automated deletion of sensitive data with parameters set by you.

Plus, you have control and visibility across the whole organization with the admin console. Controls are granular and can be set at the individual level using permissions. You can also assign admin and managerial roles that, in turn, can set user permissions. 

You can also generate reports on users’ activities, compliance, signature status, and custom reports. All this data also means that you can analyze the business process and improve workflow with the insights. 


HelloSign has many features that reduce or eliminate low-value admin work. It also integrates with other apps to streamline your workflows even further.

It’s perfect for small to medium businesses dealing with many contracts and having limited human resources to manage all the paperwork. In other words, HelloSign can improve business productivity, decrease sales cycles and streamline workflow and processes.

As HelloSign is a product under the Dropbox Company, business owners can further improve productivity with the seamless integration between the two products. Web Imp is a proud user of both products. With Dropbox integration, you can keep all of your documents in one place and make them available on every device to every stakeholder.

Web Imp is a pre-approved SME Go Digital vendor, and we are a trusted partner of Dropbox and HelloSign Singapore.

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