About Web Imp

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Here at Web Imp, we pride ourselves on our quality of work, and most importantly customer service. To us, a technology company is not just a vendor to a business owner, but more of a partner.


  • Providing the complete range of technological services to all sectors.
  • Revolutionising the industry as a major role player in the technological field.
  • Breathing life into ideas in this big playground of ours.

Core Values

  • Bold. Balls of steel.

  • Excellence. Aim to only be the best.

  • Efficient. There is always a better way, find it.

  • Self-Discipline. Hunting down procrastination.

  • Team. None of us is as smart as all of us.

  • Responsibility. You are inhuman without this.

  • Fun-Loving We have serious fun seriously.

Wilson Tan

“Web Imp is more than a company, it is a culture. A culture where people talk about teamwork, helping each other to grow, freedom & flexibility. I have never wanted to be the strongest or smartest, I just want to build the best team on earth. With the A-team formed, we can go around helping businesses grow to the next level, we can revolutionize how things work. Most importantly, sometimes in life, what people lack is an opportunity, and we hope that in some point of time, we can be the Aladdin genie to give the right person a helping hand. To me, Web Imp is family.”


“Good judgement comes from experience, — and experience comes from bad judgement.”